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*[[Curse (715)]]
*[[Curse (715)]]
*[[Planar Shift (740)]]
*[[Planar Shift (740)]]
*[[Enchant Item (925)]] (pour activation and cast)
*[[Familiar Gate (930)]]
*[[Familiar Gate (930)]]

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Type Mental and Physical
Prime Requisite Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard
Modifiers by Race
Aelotoi -
Dwarf -10
Elf +5
Elf, Dark +10
Elf, Half -
Elf, Sylvan +5
Erithian -
Gnome, Burghal +5
Gnome, Forest -
Giantman -5
Halfling -5
Human -
Krolvin, Half -

Aura measures a character's connection to the magical nature of Elanthia, in all forms. This includes the elemental, spiritual, and mental spheres of magic. Aura also determines the number of spirit points a character possesses, having one spirit point per 10 aura, rounded to the nearest tenth. Therefore, a character with 95 aura has 10 spirit points.

Aura is a factor in the initial mana capacity of the bard, rogue, sorcerer, warrior, and wizard professions.

Systems and Skills Affected by Aura

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Statistics - edit
Physical: Strength | Constitution | Dexterity | Agility
Hybrid: Aura | Discipline
Mental: Logic | Intuition | Wisdom | Influence
Statistic growth rate