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Current Inventory

Opened: Unknown; Inventory Updates: February 2018; Verified: 2/24/18, 6/18/18, 12/20/18, 8/14/19

a dilapidated structure with a pair of crossed sabres above the door, Lich #26856, Room 2, go dilapidated structure


[Dark and Dangerous, Weapons]
Weathered planks of dark mahogany line the walls of this tiny, windowless space. An immense iron rack displays weapons against the far wall, though discerning one from another is difficult in the dimly lit space. A low oak table holding additional weapons threatens to deliver a blow to the shins of distracted shoppers.
Obvious exits: north, out
Dese here weapons aint fancy to look at, but dats wat yas got paint for!
All dese bin enchanted 5 times and all packs an extry 5 points of wallop. 
Blades and polearms be on de rack; brawlin stuff, blunts, and leetle darts ye throw be on de table.

On the low oak table you see:

some dark leather moccasins 5x, 5 CER crit weighting UAC boots 2500
some dark leather handwraps UAC gloves 2500
a dark vultite kunai katar 2500
a dark vultite quadrelle mace 2500
a dark vultite battle-quoit quoit 2500
a dark vultite fist-scythe fist-scythe 2500

On the immense iron rack you see:

a dark vultite roa'ter axe 5x, 5 CER crit weighting battle axe 2500
a dark vultite sabar war mattock 2500
a dark vultite greatsword twohanded sword 2500
a dark vultite whip-blade whip-blade 2500
a dark vultite atlatl spear 2500
a dark vultite wakizashi short sword 2500
a dark vultite sledgehammer maul 2500
a dark vultite toporok handaxe 2500
a dark vultite croc halberd 2500
a dark vultite cinquedea dagger 2500
a dark vultite schiavona broadsword 2500
a dark vultite warblade falchion 2500


[Dark and Dangerous, Armor]
Weathered planks of dark mahogany line the walls of this tiny, windowless space. Multiple iron hooks, each mounted within a grinning skull bracket, display armor against the far well. Conducting a thorough examination of each piece could prove difficult in the dimly lit space. A fungi-covered oak plank is propped up, right in the middle of the floor, waiting to trip the unwary shopper.
Obvious exits: south
Dese be very fine armors wat you see here, but if you want em fancified, well... get yerself a bucket of paint.
All de armor on de hooks bin enchanted 5 times and we put 5 points wurth of paddin' into each fine set.
Now dat stuff on de plank dere, we made up with leftover materials, and only had 'nuff padding left fer a light amount on each of dem accessories.  Better than nothing if yer too poor to afford de good stuff.

On the iron hooks you see:

some dark vultite full plate 5x, 5 CER critical padding AsG: 20 2500
a dark vultite chain hauberk AsG: 16 2500
some dark vultite chain mail AsG: 13 2500
some dark leather scalemail AsG: 12 2500
some dark leather cuirbouilli AsG: 10 2500
a dark leather aketon AsG: 8 2500
a dark leather buffcoat AsG: 6 2500
a loosely woven kaftan AsG: 1 2500

On the fungi-covered oak plank you see:

a darkened steel aventail 5x, 5 CER critical padding armor accessory; protects neck
a darkened steel greathelm armor accessory; protects head and neck
a darkened steel helm armor accessory; protects head
some darkened steel leg greaves armor accessory; protects legs
some darkened steel arm greaves armor accessory; protects arms

Archived Inventory


[Dark and Dangerous, Vault]
Eerie moaning sounds fill the air as winds from the outer environs force their way through unfilled cracks in the wide-planked walls. An old copper lantern sways precariously from its ceiling-mounted chain, throwing alternating visions of light and shadow throughout the small space. Beside the door, an immense iron vault lies overturned on the floor, its contents now strewn atop it. Retention brackets on the wall, along with the hinges on the discarded vault door, appear to have been scorched by an intense heat.
Obvious exits: south
~~To my faithful assistant~~
Sorry ye aint been paid in a while, but I promise I'll get it to you somed..., I mean real soon now.  Just make sure to close and lock the vault real tight.  We don't want them bloodthirsty savages getting their hands on these 6 times enchanted, heavily weighted and padded items, now do we?  These be for special folk,  not the common riffraff running around in de sewers.

Prices escalate by ?%, starting price listed

In the iron vault you see:

some dark leather gauntlets 6x, heavy weighting UAC gloves 15000
some dark leather boots 6x, heavy weighting UAC boots 15000
a dark vultite butcher knife 6x, heavy weighting dagger 15000
a dark vultite fist-scythe 6x, heavy weighting fist-scythe 15000
a dark vultite whip-blade 6x, heavy weighting whip-blade 15000
a dark vultite machete 6x, heavy weighting falchion 15000
a dark vultite braquemar 6x, heavy weighting short sword 15000
a dark vultite tetsubo 6x, heavy crit weighting maul 15000
a dark vultite warlance 6x, heavy weighting lance 15000
a dark vultite espadon 6x, heavy weighting bastard sword 15000
some flowing dark silk robes 6x, heavy padding 15000
some dark double leather 6x, heavy crit padding AsG: 8 15000
some dark leather scalemail 6x, heavy crit padding AsG: 12 15000
some dark vultite platemail 6x, heavy crit padding AsG: 20 15000