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| a vibrant sigil certificate || T3 to T4<br>Limited|| 100000
| a vibrant sigil certificate || T3 to T4<br>Limited|| 100000
| a glowing sigil certificate || T4 to T5<br>Limited|| 250000

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Current Inventory

Opened: December 2018; Inventory Updates: None; Verified: 12/20/18

a hazy sigil-carved building, Map #16, Lich #26877, go sigil building

[Sigil Shop]
The solid walls of this room are barely visible through a fog that circulates about, yet brief glimpses reveal various sigils covering the walls, varied in color, shape, and vibrancy. The haze is in constant in motion, forming tendrils which weave in and out of your presence. An ironwood table and a glowbark display case are neatly centered in the middle of the room, causing any fog near them to dissipate.
Obvious exits: out
~~ Sigil Staves ~~
Please enjoy my selection of Sigil Staves.  They match the wood's natural enchantment with no other properties other than being a Sigil Staff.  Price is set according to the rarity of each material.
Sold as is, they have a few unique actions, but you may purchase the certificates inside the display case to further unlock each staff.
  1: unique actions
  2: allows spells to be TRANSFERred from scrolls onto itself, starting at 1 spell, but the tickets in the display case allows additional spells, up to 6
  3. can be waved at a target to dispel 1-3 spells (must be energized and has a cooldown) and alters your appearance when held
  4. can be raised to lower the mana cost of all spells by 50% for 30 seconds or 10 casts (must be energized and has a cooldown) and adds ambient messaging
  5. unlocks the ability for the staff to multi-cast one spell as a flare

On the ironwood table you see:

Item Bonus Tier & Script Bloodscrip
a sigil-carved ironwood crook +0 T1 Sigil Staff 2000
a sigil-carved witchwood scepter +17 5000
a sigil-carved orase walking stick +20 1000
a sigil-carved faewood staff-of-Lumnis +20 1000
a sigil-carved glowbark crosier +22 10000
a sigil-carved fireleaf staff +22 5000

In the display case you see:

Item Sigil Staff Mod Bloodscrip
a sigil-covered ticket Spell Capacity 5000
a pale sigil certificate T1 to T2 10000
a bright sigil certificate T2 to T3
a vibrant sigil certificate T3 to T4
a glowing sigil certificate T4 to T5