Bandanas (prime)

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Bandanas was a well known member of House Brigatta, infamous within the House membership and known to outsiders as well for his habit of collecting bandanas. Within the House, he was often accorded the respect of the unofficial title 'House Janitor', and at the same time, often thought to be possibly insane.

At some points he was rumored to possess over 1300 bandanas of unique description, and upon some occasions he would leave any duplicates he had obtained scattered all over Wehnimer's Landing.

It was customary, during his peak collecting years, for House Brigatta members to retrieve any bandanas they might find in their travels and deposit them at the House Common Room, for Bandanas to collect at his convenience.

Bandanas was well connected amongst the House members and officers of his time, including Luky, Cerulean, Psionix, Enterobios, and Allequerie. Younger House members who knew him, or of him, and still speak of his exploits include Greysleeve, Melisani, Higher, Riftur and Nali.

After his retirement, in honor of his unofficial 'House Janitor' position as well as his quite real bandana collection, a bandana-tied maoral broom was permanently placed in the House's foyer, just inside the main entrance, as a memorial.