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The Black Hand Trading Co. is a Meeting Hall Organization near Wehnimer's Landing. Their structure was officially built on Charlatos 9, 5118 (March 9, 2018) in the Landing.

Current Officers

Broker (Pres.) Draccor
Negotiator (VP) Kayse Thaellian
Lender (Treasurer) Drektor
Trader (Secretary) Chaddeaux Doire
Publicist (Co-Secretary) Clairette


The Black Hand Trading Company is a group of misfits that consist of smugglers, thieves, and the like. They operate as a mercantile company that distributes trade goods to the surrounding towns based on need. They have been known to rob from the rich to feed the poor and if the price is right, defend against invasions to protect their interests. They run a mix of events ranging from gambling nights to pit fights that are intermixed with more cultural and lore oriented entertainment to help their cover.

History of The Black Hand Trading Co.

Eli “Blackhands” Gladden was a sea captain who sailed the Western Sea. Gladden built a fortune smuggling precious metals and whiskey to the surrounding ports. But his career as a smuggler is not what made him known well enough to write his name upon the pages of historical documents.

After years of smuggling, Gladden had decided to retire from his seafaring days and on the night of his retirement, docked in Tamzyrr. It was on this night that Gladden met the love of of his life. An adventurous and shall I say, rebellious young woman, by the name of Murraei. The two were quite a pair and it wasn’t long before Gladden wed the blue-eyed beauty, who happened to be a daughter of an Archmagister of the Hall of Mages.

The idea of his daughter marrying an ex-smuggler outraged the Archmagister--he forbid Murraei from marrying Gladden, but being the spitfire she was, Murraei snuck out on the day of the wedding to marry her love. The Archmagister was known for his temper and was not one to keep his emotions in check. Upon finding his daughter missing, he confronted the two lovers on their wedding night. The confrontation ended in a rather drastic manner. Since fire was the Archmagister’s element of choice, he handled the sea captain in the best way he knew how--scorching Gladden’s hands into useless blackened clumps so that he could never touch Murraei again. Thus the nickname “Blackhands.”

It's unclear in the legend what happened to the captain's wife, although many presume her angry and powerful mage father whisked her back home after leaving the captain wounded as a warning.

Fueled by grief and anger, Gladden took back to his first love, the sea. It was many years later, in the year 4500, when Eli "Blackhands" Gladden started up a mercenary company comprised mostly of fellow ex-pirates and some unsavory imperial sailors. This created “The Black Hands Company.”

Gladden used what wealth he had amassed on the high seas and started up a band of merry mercenaries to help provide protection for merchants and other trade vessels up and down the length of the Tempest River. His services could not have come at a better time, as sea pirates had recently gained a strong foothold along the river banks through the regions of the Turamzzyrian Empire. Because of this his business flourished and even expanded, many members of his crew branching out to provide protection along other vital rivers that winded through the lands of the Empire.

In 4518, the Lords of Waterford within the Kingdom of Hendor met with “Blackhands” and offered him a sizable amount of money to bring his group of skilled mercenaries into service to the Hendoran Kingdom, where they could continue to operate as normal, but reap the benefits of an officially recognized branch of the Kingdom's military, and full pardons for many of the seedier members of his company.

It is said that Gladden met with every single member of his organization to hear out their opinions before finally accepting Waterford's offer two and a half years later in 4520. As promised, “The Black Hands Company” continued with business as usual, but now benefited from additional perks and respect brought about due to their affiliation with the Kingdom's army.

Shortly after the deal with Waterford, Gladden officially retired and left behind his home and his trusted servant and was never seen again. Some say he traveled south to once again see his bride who was stolen from him, and if that tale is true, then it is likely the captain finally met his demise at the end of an angry father's wrath. Others say he merely set off to find a new comfortable home, likely upon some shore, to await Gosaena's arrival for him.

Regardless of their founder's fate, “The Black Hands Company” continued to grow until their numbers suffered heavy casualties during the Witch Winter, when the Kingdom of Hendor eventually collapsed.

Those soldiers and crew that survived escaped far to the south into the protection of the Turamzzyrian Empire. In 4650, a few years after the Turamzzyrian Empire recaptured the fallen cities of Hendor and imperial citizens began to once again settle the area, “The Black Hands Company” sprang back into full operation with many of the veterans resuming their old roles. Some took on the positions of officers and captains in a new specific branch of the Imperial Army with the Turamzzyrian nobles providing the funding needed to allow for new training and recruitment to strengthen the unit.

The presence and success of “The Black Hands Company” were crucial to many northern and eastern nobles, as it helped to ensure safety along the vast rivers and offered a measure of economic security.

Branches of the organization spread throughout the lands, but to this day the numbers have once again become faint. There was a small division between the original company and some members, who split off as they did not want to be associated with any Imperials or the Empire. A small group of them reside in the Landing and proudly call themselves members of “The Black Hand Trading Co.” They carry on the same principles of the founder, “Blackhands,” and continue to build upon what he had established.

They have taken on more merchanting roles and develop trade between towns in the area, but for the right price they've been known to help in invasions to protect their assets and best interests.

Joining the Black Hand Trading Co.

  • Potential members must attend at least one event.
Attendance for the whole event (unless RL restrictions)
Attendance must be marked by an officer to gain credit towards membership.
  • Applicants may indicate interest on the official MHO board either IC/OOC or can meet directly in game with ANY officer to declare interest.
  • Applicants must pre-interview with Broker/Negotiator/OR Lender to determine interest, availability, experience and what the applicant can offer to the group.
  • After the interview, interviewing officer(s) will schedule a meeting for the applicant to meet the rest of the officers. When concluded, the applicant must have received approval of all officers at review meeting.
  • All officers must meet to discuss applicant's offer and deeds, and background checks are done during a short 12-24 hour period before final decision. All officers must agree. If not unanimous - reasons must be given and proof. Officers decide whether or not there will be a trial period.
  • There is an initial donation of 100,000 silvers to acquire your insignia and cover membership dues.
  • Should an applicant be accepted, they will be tested. This gauntlet will help determine the skills and talents of the individual and help assess under what specialty they will be assigned.

Inner Circle

Agent: (silver tongues) – have the gift of gab, and have the ability to manipulate the thoughts and goals of others.
Shadow: (scouts) – have the gift of being silent and unnoticed, they are listeners and observers.
Enforcer: (thugs) – have the gift of intimidation, both subtle and obtuse to obtain the goals of the organization

Black Market

Supplier: (gatherer) - has the gift of knowing what sells, procures items. All on the up and up, of course.
Smuggler: (acquisition specialist) - has the gift of finding and selling what shouldn’t be found or sold. Don’t ask.
Dealer: (gambling) - has the gift of knowing the odds, so the house wins. Always.

Bylaws of the Black Hand Trading Co.

Article I: Behavior

1) Any violation of game policy is ground for immediate removal from the group.

2) ALL members are to keep in mind their actions reflect on the group as a whole, should a member be found to bring negative attention to the Company they will be immediately terminated.

3) Once a member is trusted with the information of the group’s activities, they are required to follow the oath of silence all are required to take.

4) No member can be removed without a majority ruling of all officers, member in question MUST be present during discussion or forfeit any defense.

5) Any dispute is to be brought up in a meeting with at least three officers, all disputing parties are to be present to offer fairness.

Article II: Officers

1) Only the Broker and Negotiator are to contact the MHO GM to limit any confusion about events or the group. It is their job to communicate to the group what has been discussed via bi-weekly meetings.

2) Each officer must host one event during the calendar year. They are responsible for getting the event detail information to the Negotiator to submit for either calendar approval or criers.

3) Officier Duties:

  • Broker will be responsible for Leading Events/Meetings, and Recruitment.
  • Negotiator will be responsible for Event/Meeting Planning and Decisions and Crier.
  • Trader will be responsible for inventory of Company assets and records.
  • Lender will be responsible for Endowment Records, and Bookkeeping.
  • Publicist will be responsible for all Announcements and Public Information.
  • Broker, Negotiator and Lender will be responsible for recruitment interviews.

4) No member can be promoted to an officer position without endorsement from 3 officers, and must have attended a majority of that year's events; within reason. Candidate will be given a task to express what they bring to the group as an officer, as well as a test of skill and loyalty. - Dependent on open seat.

Article III: General Rules

1) Any use of the food cart or MHO tents must be approved by the Broker or Negotiator.

2) Any dispute is to be brought up in a meeting with both Broker and Negotiator, all disputing parties are to be present to offer fairness.

3) All members are required to attend three or more events each year to remain considered active.

4) No officer can be removed from office without a majority ruling of remaining officers, opposing officer and defending officer votes are nulled.

5) No member can be promoted to an officer position without endorsement from 3 officers, and must have attended a majority of that year's events; within reason. Candidate will be given a task to express what they bring to the group, as well as a test of skill and loyalty.

6) Any and all purchases or business using Trading Funds is to be brought up with the Lender, Broker, and Negotiator. ANY purchases made without clearance will NOT be refunded.

7) If at any time an officer willfully steps down, becomes inactive (beyond active control), or leaves the lands said officer relinquishes their position for the remaining officers to share responsibility until a replacement is found. Should said officer return within 6 months, they are allowed the choice of a 3 month trial period in previous position before active officers vote on permanence - excluding Broker unless tiebreaker is needed.