Black Iron Chalice

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The Black Iron Chalice (sometimes referred to simply as The Chalice) is an MHO based in the town of Solhaven. The Chalice was created in Eorgaen of 5116 and is run by sole proprietor, Talinvor.


The Chalice is an elite social and entertainment dinner theater featuring monthly to near-monthly themed fare and artistic performances at venues located around Elanith. Some of the more popular events have been elemental themed, such as Flights of Fancy, Ocean's Tide, and Fire Fantasy. Additional events have included a paired wine and chocolate tasting, a Dwarven Beer fest, and a Festival of Lights.


  • Flights of Fancy is an aerial silk and hoop performance based on the element of air.
  • Ocean's Tide is a water ballet and travellogue about a sinister depth of the Western Sea called Aberdeen.
  • Fire Fantasy is a hypnotic performance involving fire dancing, poi, and fire breathing.

Keep tuned for a new performance coming based on the earth element.


  • Talinvor: Sole Proprietor, Organizer and Planner, Playwright, Songwriter, Narrator
  • Veratria: Main Dancer [All Styles], Choreography
  • Berkana: Aerial Silks
  • Sweetsin: Scribe and Cigar Girl
  • Roggtar: Performer, Stagehand
  • Zahura: Catering, Back-up Performer

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