Black ora

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Black ora
Ora black.jpg
Use Weapons
Bonus +10
ST/DU 15/30
Rarity Very Rare
Weight Modifier 100%
Special Properties Curse, Disruption flares
Primary Color Black
Dyeable No

Black ora is the most rare form of ora, and when found in a natural black state the metal's magical properties are a direct opposite of the white variant. Though its basic properties are the same as common ora, it holds a magical curse within it when black. It is usually used by dark sorcerers, clerics, or mages because of its nature. Other than that small bit of information, not much else is known due to the extreme rarity of pure black ora.

There are two varieties of black ora: black ora found in the treasure system and the scripted black ora used in specialty weapons and jewelry. Black ora from the treasure system is found cursed, but once uncursed will remain uncursed.

Pawn Broker Messaging

Trying to get a pawnshop to appraise the value of a black ora item is quite amusing:

You ask the pawnbroker to appraise a bone-handled black ora scythe.
The pawnbroker's eyes grow dark as he speaks to you in a hushed tone, "Take yourself and your evil scythe away from my sight!"

If the curse is neutralized with either a cleric spell or pure potion, this type of black ora may be appraised and sold as normal to the pawnshop.

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