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Bless (304)
Mnemonic [BLESS]
Base Duration 20+3 swings per Cleric Base rank
Added Duration +1 swing per SL-B rank
Span Solid Block
Offensive Magic - Weapon Enhancement  
Subtype Weapon Enhancement 
Weapon Enhancement Bless 
Weapon Requirements Blessable Weapon
Cleric Base Spells
Prayer of Holding (301) Attack
Smite/Bane (302) Attack
Prayer of Protection (303) Defensive
Bless (304) Offensive
Preservation (305) Utility
Holy Bolt (306) Attack
Benediction (307) Defensive
Well of Life (308) Utility
Condemn (309) Attack
Warding Sphere (310) Defensive
Blind (311) Attack
Fervent Reproach (312) Attack
Prayer (313) Defensive
Relieve Burden (314) Utility
Remove Curse (315) Utility
Censure (316) Attack
Divine Fury (317) Attack
Raise Dead (318) Utility
Soul Ward (319) Defensive
Ethereal Censer (320) Attack
Holy Receptacle (325) Utility
Sanctify (330) Utility
Divine Wrath (335) Attack
Symbol of the Proselyte (340) Offensive
Miracle (350) Utility

Undead creatures are resistant to many forms of attack, and can shrug off blows that would fell most living creatures. Normal weapons have a -25% damage reduction against undead, and combat maneuvers have a -25 roll penalty. A Cleric can use the Bless spell, however, to give an ordinary weapon the ability to harm the undead.

This spell works on almost all weapons (including those with flares or weighting), however imperfections or powerful curses can cause a blade to be rendered unstable by this blessing. At 25 Cleric Base spell ranks, the Cleric may offer holy water criticals with their blessing, which applies in addition to any other inherent flares on the weapon. At 40 Cleric Base spell ranks, a Cleric may bless magical metals or wizard-enchanted armaments.

The base number of swings for Bless Item is 20 + 3 swings per Cleric Base spell rank of the caster (including overtrained spell ranks above the caster's level). The number of swings can be increased with Spiritual Lore, Blessings ranks; +1 swing for each rank. Subsequent casts by the same Cleric will reduce the effective charges granted at a rate of 10% per cast, with a minimum of 10% of the original value, and resets at midnight.

One blessing is used during each attack against an undead creature (or offensive spell cast while using a blessed runestaff), regardless of outcome. Bless charges can be refreshed if the new application has more charges than the item currently possesses. Blessing charges are not expended when using the weapon against living creatures. Charges are also not expended while the adventurer using the blessed weapon is in a group with a Cleric and under effect of Benediction (307).

Bless may also be used to bless armor and shields so that combat maneuvers involving these implements can be used against the undead without penalty. Additionally, Bless Item can be cast on aquamarine wands to upgrade the spell from Minor Water to Holy Bolt at a cost of a few charges.

When casting from a magical item or scroll, every two skill ranks (for the appropriate activation method) count as 1 spell rank.

This spell also opens the gate to the Graveyard near Wehnimer's Landing.


  • PREP 304 | CAST {target} or INCANT 304 to cast this spell. The target must have a blessable weapon in hand

Lore Benefit

Training in Spiritual Lore, Blessings will add one swing per rank.

At 40 ranks of Spiritual Lore, Blessings, blessed weapons will anchor noncorporeal undead's bodies so they can be searched for 30 seconds after death. This also applies to offensive spells cast from blessed runestaves. (Note that this does not make them corporeal, it only makes them easier to search.)

Use with Consecrate (1604)

For weapons, the paladin spell, Consecrate, can increase the duration of Bless or Symbol of Blessing. Consecrate is cast at the weapon first, and then the blessing must be performed within 10 minutes, which is extended by a variable percentage (50% to 100%, based on the lore training of the Consecrate caster).

Removing a Bless

If desired, an active bless can be removed using Spirit Dispel (119), but not Elemental Dispel (417) or Mental Dispel (1218). Blesses must be removed prior to most other modifications of the weapon or armor, such as enchanting.

Holy and Sanctified Items

Certain items are naturally holy armaments or have been sanctified. When held by a Cleric or Paladin, these items can damage the undead effectively as if they were blessed, though they can still take a cast of Bless for the same functionality when held by other professions, as well as receiving possible holy water flares. Sanctification can even reduce the undead penalties permanently for other professions; see the Sanctify (330) documentation for more details.


Cast A searing white light enfolds the (weapon) for a moment and then appears to become incorporated into it.

Alchemy Recipe

Some minor holy oil
  1. Add blessed oil
  2. Add 4 doses of wraith talon from wraiths
  3. Add powdered white jade
  4. Boil
  5. Add ayanad crystal
  6. Add glowing white powder
  7. Simmer
  8. Chant Bless (304)


  • 2019-04-29: Name changed from Bless Item to Bless and graveyard gate functionality added
  • 2021-12-15: Bless System 2.0 released