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This article is about blessing items to use against the undead.
For the cleric ability related to Holy Receptacle (325), see BLESS (verb).
For the lore skill, see Spiritual Lore, Blessings.

Blessed weapons, shields, and armor are capable of fully harming the undead, who are otherwise moderately resistant to ordinary physical attacks.

Common methods of blessing an item include:

Armaments with an enchantment bonus require the casting cleric to have at least 40 ranks in the Cleric Base spell circle, or the Voln member to have rank at least half the enchantment bonus (for example, a rank 10 member can bless items of up to +20 bonus). Pure potions work regardless of enchantment.

Certain materials with antimagic properties such as veil iron are also not usually blessable, though there are some rare exceptions. Most other items can be blessed, even if they have flares or are holy armaments like white ora weapons.

Weapons with weighting will receive a bless of shorter duration. The number of swings reduced by weighting is derived from the total number of services (not CER) the item has. If an item has multiple types of WPS services, they are summed for the purposes of the calculation (i.e. 150 crit and 50 damage services would be treated as 200)

services swings per service
0 - 150 1
151 - 300 1.5
301+ 3


50 crit service: 50 swing reduction

200 damage services: 150 + (1.5 * 50) = 225 swing reduction

200 crit services and 500 damage services: 700 combined services = 150 + (150 * 1.5) + (400 * 3) = 1575 swing reduction

Sanctified items

Main article: Sanctified

Sanctified weapons, shields, and armor have combat bonuses against the undead. Bonuses increase with each tier of sanctification, from Tier 1 up to Tier 5. Sanctified weapons can be created and upgraded in tiers using a Cleric's Sanctify (330) spell. Clerics and Paladins can use the ASSESS command to check an item for this property. Sanctified items will also be identified via loresinging. Sanctified items can be temporarily blessed using Bless Item (304).

Gear made from certain materials (white ora, eonake, faewood, and white alloy) are considered holy even if not sanctified, and have some benefits when wielded by Clerics and Paladins. Some items generated through the treasure system may also be considered holy. Holy items can be further sanctified like any other item.


As of the Blessing 2.0 implementation, Permablessed and Greater Undead Bane armaments have been converted to Tier 5 Sanctification, thereby retaining their ability to strike undead normally without the need for a bless. Lesser Undead Bane still requires a bless as before.


Demons can only be harmed by blessed weapons with at least +40 enchantment bonus, or extraplanar bane. If the demon is phased, +20 blessed weapons will suffice. The enchantment threshold for archery is lower (confirmed with +30 bow and master-fletched blessed +25 arrows).

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