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The concept for the Blind Date Auction was developed by Nihrvanah Tarsonath to coincide with the inaugural run of the Autumnal Glory Festival. The premise is based of typical blind dates in that one is only offered tidbits of information prior to the date itself. Those wishing to be auctioned are asked to fill out a simple form to provide us contact information as well as non-identifying details to be used during the auction. The dates for the Blind Date Auction are pre-determined, generally for an upcoming event within a reasonable time period (ie. a week) from the auction. This is to ensure proper redemption occurs.

How it Works

  • Registrants provide requested information via the listed form.
  • Registrants are assigned a number, though this is for auction purposes only and not provided to the registrants.
  • Registrants do not need to be present the night of the auction, however they will need to be present for the assigned date and time.
  • Utilizing an auction block, the number assigned to the registrant is placed on it and bidding begins. Once bidding has ended, the bidder deposits the silvers into the block and gets the number of their date.
  • For the date night itself, registrants will be given either a bouquet of roses or a corsage as well as a small stipend to allow for minor costs associated with the date.

Disclaimer: Any activities must be agreed upon by both parties, however this is in no way meant as a means to solicit untoward activities. Participants (on either side) are fully encouraged to exercise their right to say no to any questionable or unwelcome requests.

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