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The Bloodrune Holder was released by GM Wyrom through the Mystery of the Abyss event during Duskruin Arena in August 2019. The holders take the form of an archaic steel dodecahedron and are available to purchase for silvers. They are limited to one per character and character bound.


Roughly the size of a fist, the dodecahedron is an archaic contraption of unknown origin.  An oily finish gives the piece a reflective quality, while deeply incised runes shimmer as the piece is manipulated in the light.  Flashing at random intervals, sanguine light chases a pulsing white light across the chiseled edges.  A small, flat opening is in the center of each side.  The steel dodecahedron is empty.

Obtaining the Bloodrune Holder

You will need 1,000,000 silvers, the box will not accept a note.

Travel to [Hypogeal Cavern, Ossuary] at room 28350. Once there whisper the passphrase "The rage would consume him." to the doors, this will teleport you to the Abyssal Arena where you will see "a gold-filigree black enamel box". Search the box to obtained your dodecahedron. Be warned that doing so will cause you to suffer a rank 2 hand wound.

To exit the arena, whisper "out" to the door.

Enchancive Use

If an uncarved flat etched stone found in the Duskruin Sewers is PUSHed into the dodecahedron and then RUBed, the stone will be consumed to give a temporary enhancive. The rune written on the stone will determine what effect is received. (See MoonShard pendant for a list of runes)

  • Common - +2 stamina recovery, one hour.
  • Arkati - +5 health recovery, one hour.
  • Arcane - +2 mana recovery, one hour.
  • Mystic - All three, 30 minutes.

Illusion Use

The dodechaedron can also give a one line illusion, similar to an illusion relic if a bloodrune to placed inside. To create a bloodrune you will need:

  • a flat etched stone found in the Sewers
  • a carved ur-barath totem found in the Sewers and Heist, or by trading an ore from the Arena to the archeologist
  • a primitive metal chisel purchased from the Mar and Scar (Room 23801)

To carve your stone into a bloodrune READ stone twice to commit it to memory, then holding a totem and chisel in either hand, CARVE my totem with my chisel. The resulting bloodrune can be PUSHed into the dodechaedron, or removed by PULL. Bloodrunes are never consumed, you can change them at will. The illusions provided are a minor version of how the individual bloodrune would alter a full Moonshard Pendant.