Boggle's Vineyard

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Boggle's Vineyard was located on Mist Harbor on Four Winds Isle.

Boggle's Vineyard was destroyed in the heavy monsoons in spring 5109.

Wonders of Elanthia Historical Discussion

This story is told by Plingo and Plango the Human Scholars.

"Uncle Boggle liked to make this as difficult as possible.... That's why this so twisty and turny. He was heavily wobbly when he built it! Fickle used to be Uncle's bestest friend...but he had a crush on Tootie and Uncle began to hunt him! It is a good thing uncle didn't get far.. hmm? He was too heavily wobbly! This is Uncle's House! Uncle was not what you would call...tidy or neat. Nope, not Uncle Boggle! No sir-e! Plango made the curtains and that's why we didn't hug him much!"

"He tried to make wine, but mostly it was ... vinegar. He liked to pretend he could work. But he would really just hide down here and...drink drink drink!"

"What a surprise! A wine cellar! And cheap cigars. As you can see, he was not good with plant. That's why the vineyard is his black thumb. Nor was he good with locks and that's why he was always poor! He was good at drinking, yes he was! Ladies, Gentlemen...that concludes our tour!"