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Bre'Naere is the planet on which the ancestors of the Aelotoi were taken to by the Arkati L'Naere during the Ur-Daemon War. The planet was a paradise until the arrival of the Kiramon, a parasitic insect-like race. Banished there by the elves in an act of self-preservation, the Kiramon have reduced the planet to desolation by consuming all its resources and in the process, turned the Aelotoi into slaves.

Bre'Naere is known to have weaker gravity than Elanthia, which is why the Aelotoi cannot fly on this world. It is unclear if it is in the same solar system or another one relatively not far away.

Behind the Scenes

Bre'Naere is sometimes mistaken for being another plane of existence because the Aelotoi arrived through a powerful portal. The documentation carefully distinguished between "planets" and "planes", and kiramon are not considered extraplanar beings. The Elemental Confluence release event involved Alusius calculating the trajectory and arrival time through space of the Confluence from Bre'Naere, which is incoherent if Bre'Naere is in another dimension. However, the Aelotoi enslavement has been called "other-planar", such as in the "History of the Ferroniere". This is a reasonable error to make in character.

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