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This system is not yet implemented and may currently be under development. Information presented in this article is subject to change.

The Breakage system is an unreleased system that is currently on hold, perhaps indefinately. There is a lot of contversy in such a system, as currently weapons and armor cannot break and do not require repair. Breakage and repair will require silver coins, and catastrophic failure, it is believed, might result in the permanent loss of high-value weaponry or armor, which would not be well recieved by the gaming community.

Due to the unreleased nature of breakage, it is not known exactly how the system will work. However, it is believed that catastrophic failure will only occur if an open roll exceeds the current durability of the item contested, which for certain arms and armor, the durability value can be quite high, made even higher when created by stronger materials, such as golvern. The only time an open roll would be made against a weapon or suit of armor is if its strength is lower than the contested weapon or armor, hence items with higher strength values would have their durability contested more rarely than those with a low strength.