Briarmoon Cove 2020

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Briarmoon Cove 2020 Shop Listing
Instance Opening Date Closing Date
All Instances December 4 December 11

Services Schedule

Day Time Service
Saturday 10:00 AM EST Bags of Erithi Gems
Saturday 10:30 AM EST Custom Swears
Saturday 11:00 AM EST Fully Unlocked and Customized Corset Gowns
Saturday 11:30 AM EST Fully Unlocked Pelt Bag and Pelt Bag Unlocks
Saturday 12:00 PM EST Nalea Gown and Forehead Gem Outfit
Saturday 1:00 PM EST Ithzir Unlocks (Spinner)
Saturday 2:00 PM EST Custom Perfumes and Shifting Vials
Saturday 3:00 PM EST Unlocking Baldrics, Eisenrucks, and Gem Pouches
Saturday 4:00 PM EST Siolan Weapons
Saturday 4:15 PM EST Enchanting, +1 per item (Spinner)
Saturday 5:30 PM EST Enchanting DB Items, +1 per item (Spinner)
Saturday 6:00 PM EST Impure and Pure Coraesine Weapons
Saturday 7:00 PM EST Extra Slots for Gold Ring Holders (Spinner)
Saturday 7:30 PM EST Glamour Gem Chisel
Saturday 8:00 PM EST Girl On Fire Gowns, Skillets
Saturday 8:30 PM EST Set of UAC Gear
Saturday 9:00 PM EST Master Instrument (Bard Only)
Saturday 9:30 PM EST Lockpick Repair
Saturday 10:00 PM EST IACL Outfit, Male
Saturday 10:30 PM EST IACL Outfit, Female
Saturday 11:00 PM EST Voln Armor Unlocks
Sunday 1:00 AM EST Unlocking Baldrics, Eisenrucks, and Gem Pouches
Sunday 11:00 AM EST Unlimited Nail Polish
Sunday 11:30 AM EST Shield Resizing
Sunday 12:00 PM EST Fusion Safepry and Orb Refurbishing
Sunday 12:30 PM EST Custom Spell Preps
Sunday 1:00 PM EST T3 Briar Flare Weapon
Sunday 1:30 PM EST T1 to T2 Briar Flare Upgrades
Sunday 2:00 PM EST T1 Briar Flare Weapons
Sunday 2:30 PM EST Terror Flares
Sunday 3:00 PM EST Unlocking Baldrics, Eisenrucks, and Gem Pouches
Sunday 4:00 PM EST Signature Verbs
Sunday 5:00 PM EST Zelnorn Bracer
Sunday 5:30 PM EST Yellow and Green Witch Talons
Sunday 6:00 PM EST Fully Customized Premium Home
Sunday 6:30 PM EST Fully Customized Player Shop Alteration
Sunday 7:00 PM EST Greater Chrism Unlock
Sunday 8:00 PM EST Heroism Rune Tattoo
Sunday 8:30 PM EST Unlimited Keg
Sunday 9:00 PM EST Fusion Safe Pry
Sunday 9:30 PM EST Self Control Rune Tattoo
Sunday 10:00 PM EST Mana Jewelry Unlocking
Sunday 11:00 PM EST Bane Weapon
Sunday 11:59 PM EST Adding Spikes


  • Icemule Trace - Icemule Temple, Foyer
  • River's Rest - River Road
  • Solhaven - Liabo Plaza
  • Ta'Illistim - Shimmarglin Var
  • Ta'Vaalor - Amaranth Court
  • Teras Isle (Kharam-Dzu) - Vaalin Street, Temple District
  • Wehnimer's Landing - Town Square, Southeast
  • Zul Logoth - Hall of Arches
  • Four Winds Isle - Oleander and Daisy