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The TownCrier put the call out for your favorite buys at the 2024 Rumor Woods Shops. From big mechanical boons to rich roleplay enhancers, Rumor Woods is full of buys for everyone. Find your niche and claim it in style with some of these Best of the Fest picks featured below.

Little Ticker Raffle Contraption The Little Ticker is a necessary possession for enthusiastic roleplayers who wish to organize a unique raffle, allowing participants to enter for a prize that is tailored to their event. Rovvigen said, "Considering that MHOs are no longer able to conduct raffles, I have taken the initiative to purchase one myself. Undoubtedly, this item should be included on everyone's list of essentials." Little Ticker
Imbued Shroud Paizley shows off that new Imbued Shroud, "I love it! It attacks, it conseals features, it whispers to me. It's fun." Pick one of many moods - or change it up with a certificate to a different one. It's a pretty incredible roleplaying accessory. The Spirits Within
Creative Couture An Ordim gives an enthusiastic recommendation to the new line of Veola-like clothing at Creative Couture! "All the features and customization options of Veola, brought to clothing. Highly customizable, swap out different items to not only influence the clothing with that item, but even change up the whole design. So many sides to customize. It can be daunting at first, but once you get into the groove it offers a huge amount of on-the-fly customization that you'll be able to dress for almost any occasion with it!" Creative Couture
Beetle mount Chaddeaux wrote, "Why do you think locksmiths steal all the scarabs? It's because we're riding on them. Beetle mounts can be changed into scarabs via the Ostler. They have a lot of different customizations and you can even use a special gemstone for the eyes and dyes for the markings on the carapace. Just don't use your favorite permified cobbling dye! This will completely use up the bottle, leaving you with an awesome scarab but regret over using your fancy dye." Chitinous Creations
Bugs on Parade collection jar and specimen board Traiva is checking things off her list: Papermaker? Check. Jewelry Smelter? Check. Creative Couture clothes, Deck the Halls props, and Veola hair/head accessories? Check, check, and check.

But do you have. . . the bugglies? Get yourself a jar so you can collect images of the beautiful creepers, crawlers, and fly-ers around Elanthia to put on your new pretty paper; unlock the jar to make gem versions for jewelry, Creative Couture, Deck the Halls, and Veolas, then unlock again to have bug-shaped candies. And don't forget your specimen board (or 2 or 3 or 5) to help store your collection!
Bugs on Parade
Papermaker Luxelle notes that everytime PaperMakers show up for sale, they are better than last time! And now in a shop at Rumor Woods, there are 2 new unlocks, one for butcher paper and one for creating bespoke papers featuring textures of specific plant materials. With new nouns and articles, having just the right paper document has never been easier. Also: now with greater storage for its ingredients. 5*****star purchase right here! Enlightened Pages
weaving secateurs and trimmers Weavers - make sure you have the secateurs to add zests to woven bracelets, wrist-cuffs, anklets, and ankle-cuffs. Be sure to get the trimmers so you can put your woven pretties on your mounts, or your friends' mounts... or a random stranger's mount. Weaving tools are all a part of the Weave a Little Dream of Me Collection I Can't Stop That Weaving
Ice cream churn A friendly neighborhood herbalism enthusiast remarked, "Look, I get the munchies. But you know what's almost as satisfying as real ice cream, and 100% less calories? A drippy delicious milkshake you made up your own self. Absolutely delightful." Legendairy
Laceable Clothing How fun to change up a piece of clothing just by adding some ribbons or laces! All About That Lace
Holy Sheath One of Maevie's favorites are the Holy Sheaths. "They are great for the devoted, even the chaotically devoted like me, the holy sheaths will help you honor the Arkati you serve in a fun and interactive way." Holy Sheaths
a vault expansion contract - Family Vault expansion (+ 5) Are you using your family vault for passing lots of items among the characters on your account? Or, you know, extra storage? Want a little more space in there? Traiva says, "Make sure to pick up the expansion contract so you can stuff 5 more items into your family vault." Couturier's Retreat
Artist's Easel Who doesn't love to paint? Is the last unlock crazy expensive? Sure is. But you can still have fun with one at lower tiers! Plus the designs are gorgeous. Grab a paintbrush and apron, Easels are finally available for sale again! Artistic Expressions
Weight reduction Weight reduction is a service that often slips Rovvigen's mind since it's rarely offered or discussed at popular events or merchant services. "As a Halfling burdened with excessive baggage from my never-ending keg and assortment of divination artifacts, I frequently find myself weighed down."

"Let's face it, this certainly hampers my daily hunting sessions or hands on storytelling. Although it may come with a hefty price tag, it's undoubtedly worth every raikhen invested. Just approach the seamstress with your cherished container and inquire about an estimate."
Couturier's Retreat
Themed Wizard Familiar Talismans An anonymous shopper saw someone else's new scarab beetle talisman from Call of the Wild and it looked so cool, they exclaimed, "It makes me want to be a Wizard!" Call of the Wild
Unlock for Nail Press Customs The new unlock for the Gnomish Nail Press allows you to use gem bugs and foraged items in custom settings. Just WOW, how to hit that new outfit out of the park,right? Gnomish Gnails
Mechanized Mounts - Beetle and Spider Giant clockwerke (tm) beetles and arachnids? Trallihn raved about them, "The fanciest ones make metal yarn for the crafters and scripted mechanical flowers for Veolas, Deck the Halls, etc … but even the lower tier ones “leave a present” behind if you feed them something metal! And you can customize them outside of the Ostler! The beetles can have gemstone eyes added at the lowest tier, and you can dye them at the uncommon tier. Spiders can have their eyes changed out with gems at uncommon." Chitinous Creations
Kindred Garb The Tartan Cloth garments all work together, which is pretty nice by itself. The "chemise" and "bodice" items have some scripts so you can change the way they look while worn, which is my favorite feature. The Tartan Cloth
WoodChopper Box Traiva likes her WoodChopper Box! "You know you want something else to do with all those wooden runestaves, shields, and bows you get from hunting or the DR Arena besides selling it for too little at the pawnshop. And this is your answer! Make forging blocks to create weapon handles! Make foraged sticks to have your favorite Ranger imbue! Make a Lockmastery clasp! Make a hairstick! Make shoe material for your favorite cobbler/cordwainer!" Woodn't Yew
Replica face paint Ohmygosh! This replica face paint process uses a disarmed scarab, Pressed Flower, Bugs on Parade, or Aquatic Life paper designs and allows you to paint it on someone's face with a fancy brush. Artistic Expressions
Weight reduction service Perfect for the halfling collector, or anyone really, the weight reduction service offered by the seamstress is a great way to cut pounds and lighten your load, letting you carry more treasure without encumbrance. Ten out of ten, Maevie rated it, "Would recommend." Couturier's Retreat
Face Paintstick Face Painting is back in vogue! Now with beatious new designs, including Rumor Woods Tournament themes, Arkati themes, and even clockwerkes! If that's not enough,there's a new Custom Face Paint palette that will let you design face paint with! There's an artistic unlock for even more options. Artistic Expressions
Face painting kit Since Facepainting is back in style, you don't have to worry about stocking up and storing all those paint sticks. There's a new bundler/in-ator for that that keeps up to 100 for you, all in one place without inventory concerns. Artistic Expressions
Cobbling Upper Maker Box Already have a cobbling upper box from last run? Have five from last run? Get five more! There's a plethora of fabrics out there in the world to customize these cobbling wonders! It'll change your shoe-making efforts. Clodhoppers
Ribbonator 2000 Unlock For Lacing Ribbons All About That Lace contains an unlock for the legendary Ribbonator 2000 device that teaches it to make lacing ribbons for laceable clothing. All About That Lace
Visiting the Origami Master Origami enthusiasts, Maevie reminds you that this is your change to get promoted to the next level of origami fun. Don't forget to visit the Origami Master for patterns exclusively sold at Rumor Woods. Happy folding! The Folded Lotus
Starveil. All the starveil. It's starveil. It's so pretty I could die, and die happy. The Starry Lotus
Milk Pail and Cheese Wheel Who doesn't love cheese? Traiva suggests, "Get yourself a milk pail so you can store lots of milk to pour into your cheese wheel to make your own delicious cheeses!" Milkin' It
Creative Couture Clothing Laelithonel explains the all new Creative Couture Clothing, "Basically a Veola in an article of clothing that ISN'T a Veola?! Amazing. Top notch. Chef kiss. Veola is already an awesome line, anything that plays on it is wonderful. The designs of these right off the shelf are beautiful and still leave room for all the customizations. Best part? There's menswear options, too, guys!" Creative Couture
All the Laceable Clothing Laceable clothing is so accommodating and an easy customization without much, if any, merchant work. Beautiful OTS designs and the shop clearly separates the two different kinds of Laceable pieces with signs about their counterparts and their structural integrity. Excellent. All About That Lace
Smelter Tier 4 Unlock The Chatelaine unlock for the mini smelter. We all want pockets but we're missing out on chatelaines, people! RWShop:Merited Metals
Papermaker, all of it The Papermaker, so perfect for just about anything and everything you can think of. Feed it bark, water, silver wands (or waggles of spells), and any other ingredients it may need, push a button, turn a dial, et viola, you've got paper! With the two unlocks availble now, you can make butcher paper (keep those foods lasting longer!) or more-natural papers (papyrus, anyone?). And now, also, you can store more ingredients in the mechanism, instead of having to refill every dozen or so pages made! W00T! Enlightened Pages
The Least Moods Of All aka Lesser moods via Flourish A single voucher, for so little amount of raikhen, and you got yourself a moody weapon (or armor)! This works with most things that have scripts, or on non-scripted things that you plan on adding scripts to later! If's FLUFF in the FLOURISH spot, so awesome! The Least Moods Flourish will reflect the same messaging as Lesser moods The Starry Lotus
Disk Customizations Wouldn't you know it, but they've gone and made MORE customized floating disk options, with some being so amazing! For example, the polished celaeun -character- trunk: ALL ARDENAI. So. PERFECT. 2024 Advanced Spell Customizations
Fancy Waist Chains These have been out for a few years, but for some reason Traiva just discovered them. She raved, "And I love the zests! The chain itself is very inexpensive - only 150 raikhen - and fully unlocking it is quite reasonable for all you can then do with it." Off the Chain

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