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== Other Remedies ==
== Other Remedies ==
*[[Pinefar]] -  
*[[Pinefar]] - Manroot Potion
*[[Teras Isle]] -  
*[[Teras Isle]] - Mad Mutt Frothy Ale
*[[Icemule Trace]] - Walrus blubber
*[[Icemule Trace]] - Walrus blubber
*[[Zul Logoth]] -  
*[[Zul Logoth]] - Stalagtite Brew
== External Links ==
== External Links ==

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Calamia fruit is a herb used to treat major limb scars. It is sold in herb shops located in or near Wehnimer's Landing, Solhaven, and River's Rest. It is sold in the form of a tincture in the Elven Nations.

Calamia fruit can be foraged in the following climates: Hot Damp, Humid, Moist, and Temperate. It can be found in the following terrains: Coniferous forest, Cultivated, Mountainous, Muddy wetlands, and Plain dirt.

Example Foragable Locations

  • Hanging Gardens
  • Whistler's Pass, Marsh
  • Yegharren Valley, Ravine, just after climbing the slope towards the Black Moor.

Other Remedies

External Links