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Having called both New Ta'Faendryl and Ta'Nalfein home at different points in his life, Luthene is now in the process of exploring other regions while plying his trades as locksmith, loresinger, and lapidary.  His coloring is considered suspiciously dark for a Nalfein elf by some, his blue eyes uncharacteristic of a Faendryl by others. A bastard by both blood and inclination, he has a deep appreciation for the proper application of violence as well as the crisp lines of a well-tailored coat.
Having called both New Ta'Faendryl and Ta'Nalfein home at different points in his life, Luthene is now in the process of exploring other regions while plying his trades as locksmith, loresinger, and lapidary.  His coloring is considered suspiciously dark for a Nalfein elf by some, his blue eyes uncharacteristic of a Faendryl by others. A bastard by both blood and inclination, he has a deep appreciation for the proper application of violence as well as the crisp lines of a well-tailored coat.
=== Lutika ===
Lutika has been a resident of Wehnimer's Landing for many, many years, having settled there after a long life spent traveling afar from her homeland. Now an elderly forest gnome, she labors to care for the injured and sickly using her skill with the healing arts. Lutika projects the demeanor of the stereotypical grandmother, overly doting and kind, but she's quite capable of turning her healer's gifts into fatal tools when threatened. Fortunately, this is seldom necessary, as it's rare to see her range beyond civilization these days.
=== Maralah ===
=== Maralah ===

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Originally an evil magic user with plans for world domination, he created a group of Homunculi called Seikas to assist him in his work...as well as a vessel for his soul, a young child named Chayka. Through the efforts of various adventurers, he was dissuaded from his evil plan and convinced to walk instead the path of Light. Creating a golem body to inhabit instead of the child, he transferred his essence and became the Golem Lich. He has been missing for many months, along with his vessel Chayka.


Leiana, daughter of the Thrak Inn proprietor Sabrien, has lived in Wehnimer's Landing most of her life. After losing her mother to disease at the age of 10, Leiana and her father moved to the Landing in search of community and business. She has never left the walls of the Frontier town until 5118 and has led a very sheltered life that bred privilege and a dangerous sense of curiosity as a result. Acting upon that desire to explore, she has begun seeking out contracts for treasure and adventure across Elanthia.


Jeofrey created a total of 20 Seika Homunculi originally that awakened upon his death. Many were killed by a mob of villagers angry at the experiments her father, Jeofrey, was performing in their village. After Jeofrey abandoned his evil plans, he deactivated 11 of them...but one Seika escaped his control and was able to absorb the essences of the others. She then was able to use Jeofrey's eye to become a lich herself. She has been tormenting Qualeric, possessing him and using his essence to create a group of hybrid bats and elves. Currently her whereabouts are unknown, but dark rumors surround her and her future plots to gain even more power. She has claimed to kill Chayka and Jeofrey herself.


Olivia Holster, widow of Lord Eamon Murchadha and Mother of Jaynon Murchadha. Born into a lowborn Honneland family. Married into the Murchadha family (a minor noble house in Honneland) with a desire to improve her power, status and legacy. Fell in to the dark arts through societal pressures, and later following the death of her husband made a pact with and joined a clandestine order, in return for aid in her social climbing. She attempted, and ultimately failed, to have her son Jaynon killed and yet had already announced his death in the Immuron courts. This allowed her to marry Lord Holster (another minor Honneland noble, and former rival to Eamon), passing the Murchadha estates into his name and denying Jaynon his inheritance and birthright.



Lead singer of the heavy metal band 'Mithril Mayhem', this gruff but friendly fellow is constantly on the look out for inspiration for his next song. With hits like 'Invar Mine Lady', 'On the Razern's Edge', and 'Caligos Isle', he and his fellow band member Zundrar have played in such famous locales as The Bluerock Brewery in Zul Logoth, The Thrak Inn at the Landing, and even Caligos Isle itself. He doesn't pay much attention to politics, though he has a keen sense of right and wrong. He is also a bit of a lush, and has strong opinions on beards, music, and beer.


The shy and rather secretive Elven bard hails from Ta’Illistim, but shows little interest in returning. Possessed of proper, ladylike manners, she is easily taken aback by some of her acquaintances, particularly Tanai, hinting at a sheltered upbringing. Her current itinerant and rather poor state, given her apparent background, could lead to disconcerting questions. In the past few months, she has started a relationship with Ulvian, grown friendlier, and developed a noticeable distrust of Lord Whick.




Full of boundless energy that could only be described as 'manic', the always cheerful jester seems in a perpetual state of song, dance, and fits of laughter. Dazen and his twin brother Vinar were abandoned by a traveling Carnival of Freaks for dubious reasons, though it is implied it was because they were getting too old for their act and becoming too hard to control. Often hinting at a past of horrid abuse and gleefully reveling in those memories with clapping hands and squealing giggles, Dazen seems to outright revel in pain both inflicted and sustained. Obsessed with fire and the 'Dancing Light', he also babbles about a mysterious Lady in White with burnt out eyes with reverence and awe. "Watch them dance in the dancing light, we'll sing them back and dance all night!"


Ezabell hasn’t been seen since she was a toddler on the 30th of Jastatos. She’d been carried through the portal that night in the arms of an Aelotoi man, no relations to the child he carried. After he’d hid her away for protection when the kiramon came through the portal after the Aelotoi, she was gone. Now she’s rejoined Elanthian society, albeit, a little off than any normal teenager. She doesn’t talk much about where she’s been the last 16 years but is all too eager to mention her favorite ways to tear local wild nuisances apart.


Gedeon was raised in the Wsalamir Arctic Clan, and yet he doesn't share the need for seclusion like most the clan. Gedeon enjoys being out amongst others and heeds the call for adventure. While he is a quiet man, he is a devout follower of Ronan and became a paladin in Ronan's honor. He would often visit the temple in Icemule to say his prayers, but lately, you can see him wandering with his new found companion, Jourwen.


Twin to Roseantha.


Child-like and free spirited, Idun is kind, very friendly and genuinely cares about others. She loves to be helpful and is easily entertained, usually finding joy in small things. A difficult and isolated past has had a profound effect on her. She is most comfortable with another in control. Idun can be unpredictable and is a bit "touched", even unstable at times. She is loyal to a fault and values those in her life above all else. Her dislike of being alone is somewhat mitigated by her love of gowns, toys and visits with her animal friends.


Ilynriel left her home in Ta’Ardenai to improve her skills as a warrior and train with the Guardians of Sunfist, and can most often be found in Ta’Illistim or Ta’Vaalor. Born a bastard, she has steadfastly ignored her father’s side of the family all her life, but is now finding it rather harder to avoid at least one of her half-siblings.


A banished Priestess of Lumnis, this knowledge-thirsty Faendryl found an alternative method to become an empath (but not without some heavy side-effects). She is polite, somewhat quiet, and very ladylike although she is not above the frequent occasional snide remark. Currently, she is often seen with the Dhe'nar, Xindrell, as they are united in a mission yet to be revealed to anyone other than themselves. She is self-conscious of her pale skin, and dislikes anyone staring at her one crimson-hued eye for too long. They can stare at her silver eye all they want, however.


Trying to live his best life and leave his checkered past behind, Jaired keeps getting drawn back into the troubles of the world. Once a thief, once a burglar, and once an assassin. Once a Lord Marshal, once a Warden of Charl, and once a simple barkeep. Through it all he has remained a professional meddler. For reasons beyond his understanding he is once again burdened with the mantle of a Spirit Walker, a particular state in which he is forced to tread in a state between life and undeath. Husband to Leiana, they now look towards the horizon and the beckoning call of adventure upon their ship, The Whispering Muse... if only they could break away from it all.


Formerly a Paladin of Voln, he has recently heard the call of the Sea...partly due to his affiliation with the rogue Tanai. Lord Whick and Jaynon have been bitter enemies, with Jaynon taking a leading role in the prosecution of Whick after his arrest for the kidnapping of Leiana and murder of Izaar. He is a guardian in combat, fighting with a sword and shield, more concerned with the protection of his allies than a quick and easy win. He values honour above all else, and is honest to a fault.


Jourwen doesn't know much about her parents, only that her mother was an entertainer to men as they travelled through Highmount onto Kragswell. Jourwen was sent to River's Rest when she was 5 years old to get an education from the cleric's guild there and learn the teachings of Ronan, Lord of Dreams. Now, as a young adult, she visits temples and shrines learning what she can about Ronan and aiding those in need with her companion, Gedeon.


A young Aelotoi orphan recently adopted by Jaynon and Tanai, she has finally chosen Niima as her patron deity, also deciding to follow her adopted father's footsteps in joining the Order of Voln. She is a teenage girl whose emotions are in a constant state of fluctuation, and she often takes them out on her adopted brother, Luca. Normally quiet and polite, Kaija has a tendency to be a know-it-all and correct people if they use bad grammar (usually tormenting Luca with her prim corrections to his amusement).


Named after the boat he was found in, Kiver washed ashore as a babe at Maelstrom Bay in River's Rest. He was adopted into the arms of a reclusive sect of druids. The Half-Krol found his calling not with the old Gods of his Klinast, but instead a militant dedication to the Goddess Imaera.


Lilium's origins are as strange as her appearance. One day she appeared on Lorminstra's Altar in the Wehnimer's Landing Temple without any memories or possessions to explain who she is or how she came to be there. She took her appearance on Lorminstra's Altar as a sign to dedicate herself to the Goddess. As a Master in the Order of Voln, Lilium is quite zealous in scouring the undead from all of Elanthia.

Recent events involving Lord Whick and the death of Bareth have caused Lilium to reconsider her role in safeguarding the souls of the innocent. A more proactive approach, rather than reactive, might be the best way to prevent another tragedy from occurring.


Having called both New Ta'Faendryl and Ta'Nalfein home at different points in his life, Luthene is now in the process of exploring other regions while plying his trades as locksmith, loresinger, and lapidary. His coloring is considered suspiciously dark for a Nalfein elf by some, his blue eyes uncharacteristic of a Faendryl by others. A bastard by both blood and inclination, he has a deep appreciation for the proper application of violence as well as the crisp lines of a well-tailored coat.


Born and raised in Ta’Loenthra, Maralah began traveling after the untimely death of her twin brother as well as the beginning of Jastev-granted dreams and visions. While she prefers to stick to the Elven Nations, she can often be found in Mist Harbor or Wehnimer’s Landing as well. Understandably reticent about being a sorceress, she strives to balance this by being a member of Voln, but lacks the proper mindset about undead.


A dwarf of questionable sanity, Megaira went to Caligos Isle when the Ebon Gate opened to it for the first time, and there she stayed. By the time it reopened in 5118, her mind was warped and her devotion to her prior deity was cast off. Now, she was a cleric in service to Ghezresh. She's been cast out and back into Elanthia with the closing of the Ebon Gate in 5118, and she now spreads the deceitful and manipulative word of her Arkati. Quite nicely fills the role of crazed witch, too, right down to the slivers of bone piercing her ears and brow. For all of her flaws and peculiarities, Megaira does wield real power granted by her god, and it's yet to be seen what she intends to do with it.


Likened to a curious bird of prey, the young sylvan seems an untamed creature that belongs in the wilderness, and perhaps kept far away from civilized people. Her speech patterns are occasionally awkward as though she struggles both for the correct word and, perhaps, polite phrasing. (She fails, often, though this seems little to bother her.)


Oezzilm is a local farmer of pumpkins, turnips, and carrots near the Landing. He hopes to eventually have an entire herd of urghs and roltons, but so far he has only one of each. He can be found selling produce around town, fresh after coming from his fields. He has a brother who is great at plowing, and a collection of hoes.


Everyone deserves to be free and Phocosoen will always oppose those that seek to enslave others against their will like any member of the Maeramil Wind Runner Clan should. Boisterous and outgoing, he loves nothing more than regaling others with the numerous ways in which he crushes his enemies on a daily basis. The Guardians of Sunfist have no shortage of enemies and Phocosoen is a proud member that is all too happy to mercilessly slaughter orcs, trolls, ogres, and giants. Freedom, muscles, and a song in his heart is all a man needs to enjoy life.


Qadheon is a Faendryl monk and proprieter of [Ta'Faendryl Importers], a business located in the Landing. In addition to this, he has been searching for some lost artifacts, but rumor has it he is not very focused on this task. He has been seen worshipping Ghezresh on Caligos Isle and made mention of importing that spirit's presence to the Isle of Four Winds. Despite this intrigue, he is a generally nice fellow.


Qoshkalia is a Faendryl paladin of Fash'lo'nae dedicated to learning, particularly the use of bladed weapons. In the pursuit of this, she has been recognized as a Palestra of the Peltast rank. Recently she has been seen working with Lord Whick in his actions in the Landing, though the exact reasoning is unclear. Word has it that she originally came to the Landing to work on finding some ancient artifacts for a Sorcerer in Ta'Faendryl.


Qualeric is an elderly wizard, student of the arcane, and an active follower of Jastev. Hailing from Ta'Illistim, he enjoys learning, raining destruction upon usurpers, and all the opportunities the Shining City represents. He is currently engaged in sorting through some things owned by his widow that were recently found in an old storage shed, as well as attempting to discover a new metal which he believes exists but is otherwise undocumented. His familiar is a bat named Klysmar.


A rustic half-elf from the edges of the Wyrdeep Forest, Rafferty is wary of towns and their folk but cautiously open to broadening his horizons. He's got little patience for airs and graces, and bullies make him grouchy. Though he keeps his problems to himself, he's willing to lend a hand where he's able. Literally, if you're missing one. For some reason, people keep mistaking him for a pirate.


Twin to Heliantha.


Tanai is an orphaned street-rat with a mysterious past. She loves sweets, the ocean, Jaynon, and her children, not necessarily in that order. She considers Lord Whick one of her mortal enemies, especially after being possessed and manipulated by him for a time. She is finally learning what a family entails, as she and Jaynon are the proud parents to Eamon, their natural born son, and Kaija and Luca, two orphans they adopted. She can be very blunt, downright rude, and occasionally volatile. She is also, however, fiercely loyal, kind-hearted (at times), and enthusiastic (especially for sweets).


A quiet man, this Half-Krolvin is very devout in his worship of Marlu, the Lord of Destruction. Despite the stereotype surrounding Marluites, Thresher himself is a kind soul, not wishing any undue harm or pain to anyone. However, he is of the firm belief that the only way to have lasting peace on Elanthia is to 'start fresh'...by burning what is, so something new may grow. He believes Undead are an Abomination to his Lord...and fights against any who practice such arts fiercely.


Tsukiko supposedly hails from Eloth-Ra, the capital city of the Erithian nation located on the continent of Atan Irith. A stranger in a strange land (to her), she often stands out for the traditional garb of her people, honoring both her Yachan Dai clan bloodline and her devotion to the Volnath Dai sect. To say that Tsukiko is committed to Voln's cause would be an understatement, given the Volnath Dai association, and she persistently works to liberate the souls of the dead from unlife as a holy cause. Tsukiko tends to be unerringly polite, if sometimes ignorant of local ways, but she is a reliable ally and skilled wielder of the katana. Tsukiko is said to make lovely jewelry from most any gemstone for a modest fee, and she has a small shop in Wehnimer's Landing.


Little is known of Varuna, save that she apparently hails from Caligos Isle and left for Elanthia when the Ebon Gate closed in 5118. By some unknown magic or transformation, she always appears to be a cloud of indigo mist threaded with silver streamers. Few have seen her true appearance. She would claim herself to be the Incarnation of the Mist or the False Prophet, both titles indicative of her devotion to the deity Ghezresh. She attempts no deception regarding her use of dark magic, as well as her involvement in dark deeds on Caligos Isle and beyond the gate aimed to serve her deity. Interestingly, Varuna is also skilled at creating artistic scars and provides this service for a price. Her work is done utilizing a strange knife with a blade cut from a large emerald.


Great Lord Whick is polite, personable, and a man of many talents and much knowledge. He is gracious, can be kind, and he always is ready to help out those in need. At the same time, he is an unrepentant murderer and has a sadistic streak that runs deep. There is much speculation as to who his true masters are. Though he claims to be working for the Empire and the Hall of Mages (and many records will confirm that), dark whispers in the shadows speak of his true loyalty lying to something...other. He is meticulous and clever, preferring manipulation to brute force. He values order and security.

Quote: "Sometimes, to do something good, you have to be the bad guy."