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Bazzelwyn is a merchant run by GM Tamuz who appeared at many Ebon Gate festivals and sold a wide variety of items. Some of his items can be unlocked by Xerria on Mist Harbor.

The Tinker

You see Tinker Bazzelwyn.
He appears to be a Burghal Gnome of the Winedotter Bloodline.
He is short and appears to be young and untried.  He has dull steely blue eyes and burn-scarred pale grey skin.  He has a mess of thin, glossy brilliant blue hair with tufts of silver behind the ears. He has a fleshy face, a bulbous nose and a cleft chin.
He is wearing a glittering silver forging hammer, a large modwir-handled stamp, a glass-visored dented mithril helmet, a thick ironwood gear amulet, a rolaren-framed fractured moonstone brooch, a pair of brass-framed goggles with circular glass lenses, a grease and oil-stained rag slung over his shoulder, a rectangular mithril case with thick leather straps, a rectangular mithril case with thick leather straps, a mithril-reinforced padded leather vest with a simple white linen shirt underneath, a braided leather and ora belt, an oil-stained leather kit, a pair of leather-patched pants, and a pair of twine-laced boots.

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