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Changelog is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

Welcome to the official GemStone IV Changelog! You can find many of the current year's releases listed below. Further information on past releases may be found below the current releases section in previous years' changelogs and among the annual Creating Adventure newsletters.

Current Releases

New releases will be added at the top, but you can sort the table by date or category.

Release Date Category Project Description
01/25/2023 Development Fortuitous February For the entire month of February, base experience gain is increased by 20%!
01/25/2023 Development Divergence The update to remove Divergence and make live some of its changes live is now implemented. Please review the Discord forum post for the full details. In addition, the grouping logic that would apply to some groups when determining if they reached the treasure cap has been removed.
01/16/2023 World Lore Document - Forest Gnomes & Death New lore document on how forest gnome cultures deal with death was released.
01/14/2023 World Zul Logoth Merchant Complex 8 new shops.
01/12/2023 World New Silverwood Manor Location Silverwood Manor has opened a new Zul Logoth location
01/11/2023 World Lore Document - Inyexi New lore documents and forest gnome culture were released
01/05/2023 World Lore Document on the Atoll A new lore document was released, The Legend of Tavekta Atoll, detailing some stories behind the Kraken's Fall hunting area known as the Atoll.
01/04/2023 Development Feat: Dispel Magic Feat: Dispel Magic has been updated to only remove negative magical effects. Due to how his worked before vs. now, this may inadvertently cause some previously dispellable negative effects to no longer be removed. If you encounter this, please BUG those effects and we'll get them fixed so they are removed again.
01/03/2023 Development The Reim Vault is now open again! The Reim Vault is now open again. The contents have been restocked with the previous offerings minus a few things.
01/02/2023 World New Lore Document Released: A Brief Examination of the Yierka A Brief Examination of the Yierka goes into some detail about the large desert lizards native to the Sea of Fire.
01/01/2023 Development Major Mental and Savant Spell Scrolls Comprehend Languages (1315), Clarity of Thought (1319), Astral Spear (1408), Displace (1409), Mana Burst (1414), Astral Vault (1417) are now available on scrolls in the treasure system! Convoke (1435) is also live, but cannot be found on scrolls.


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