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The cosmology of GemStone IV is ill-defined in the sense of systematic schemes of categorization and theory. The Shadow World cosmology of the I.C.E. Age was somewhat more concrete, with separate kinds of planes and entities such as the Pales. There were plans for an onion shell kind of model of planes surrounding our world, formed by tensions of kinds of forces and dualities. This was the original sense of the word "valences." Strictly speaking, not every "other reality" should be called a "plane" or "plane of existence", if the metaphor of a surface plane or "existence" is not meaningful.

Some basic facts of the multi-planar setting from documentation and observed phenomena:

  • The world is separated from other planes or realms by "veils" surrounding it.
  • These other realities shift and move around in some higher space.
  • Intersections of planes move around as planes move around.
  • Intersections allow foreign energy and properties to bleed through the two worlds.
  • Creatures can be corrupted, cursed, or transformed by foreign energy.
  • Physical properties, including time, can vary greatly.
  • Veils can be "pierced", allowing planar transport.
  • Rifts can happen accidentally under intense magic.

Elemental Planes

The known elemental planes correspond to the four primary elements. There has not been reference to other pure elements, such as Planes of Light, Shadow, and so on.

Prime Elemental Planes

It is unclear if there are multiple elemental planes of the same kind, or only a single plane for each "prime element."

The Prime Elemental Planes consist of:

Composite Elemental Planes

When two or more elemental planes collide, an interplanar nexus may be formed, combining the properties of those planes. (See Elemental Confluence (plane) for illustration.)

Demonic Planes

It is unclear if the Faendryl use "valence" as a synonym for "all planes", or only "demonic" planes, or a subset of such realities.

The sorcerous valences may be "outer realms" while others would instead be considered "near planes."


Known demonic "valences" include:

Other Demonic Planes

Ithzir Planes

The Ithzir live in material plane worlds and apparently travel to others conquering them.

Known Ithzir worlds include:

Astral Planes

These are loosely other planes involving the mind or spirit moving between worlds, or the body de-materializing and re-materializing.

There may be a distinction between an astral method of entering other planes and a plane that is purely immaterial.

Temporal Planes

These are time warps outside our space, but they are contiguous with it. They intersect with it at various fixed points in a region.

  • Temporal rifts (e.g. glyph traps and Familiar Gate (930) without a familiar; temporal warrior and worm invasion creatures)
  • The Rift (was related to the temporal rifts; depicts multiple realities it touches upon, based heavily on Tarot cards)


These are loosely speaking smaller planes (if distance is meaningful), possibly artificially made, that may be pocket realities contiguous with other planes.

  • Temporal rifts (accessible from any spatial point in a plane, exiting back to the same point or sometimes a set of fixed points)
  • Major Sanctuary (220) (constructed by spirits, fixed to a spatial location; may be dispelled by location's magic)
  • Sign of Darkness (Council of Light teleportation ability, demi-plane exits to spatial locations)
  • Ithzir sanctuary (Ithzir armor escape ability, possibly mind power oriented)

Spiritual Planes

These are loosely other planes of or storing spirits, whether fey or undead or souls. They might be able to be traveled to astrally or materially through portals.

Alternate Elanthia

These are other versions of Elanthia, or possibly the same Elanthia under another history or later times.

  • Orb vision in the Sheruvian summoning chamber (Town Square Central at this moment, but mass slaughter and flames)
  • Sorcerer Guild on Teras Isle (Crossroads from DragonRealms, possibly a time rift)
  • The Rift (some rooms correspond to places in Elanthia in twisted darker forms)

Other Planes