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The cosmology of GemStone IV is ill-defined in the sense of systematic schemes of categorization and theory. The Shadow World cosmology of the I.C.E. Age was somewhat more concrete, with separate kinds of planes and entities such as the Pales. There were plans for an onion shell kind of model of planes surrounding our world, formed by tensions of kinds of forces and dualities. This was the original sense of the word "valences." Strictly speaking, not every "other reality" should be called a "plane" or "plane of existence", if the metaphor of a surface plane or "existence" is not meaningful.

Elemental Planes

The Prime Elemental Planes consist of:

  • The Plane of Fire
  • The Plane of Air
  • The Plane of Water
  • The Plane of Earth
  • The Elemental Confluence (claimed by Alusius to be our primary original source of elemental mana)

Demonic Planes

It is unclear if the Faendryl use "valence" as a synonym for "all planes", or only "demonic" planes, or a subset of such realities.


Known demonic "valences" include:

Other Demonic Planes

Ithzir Planes

The Ithzir live in material plane worlds and apparently travel to others conquering them.

Known Ithzir worlds include:

Astral Planes

These are loosely other planes involving the mind or spirit moving between worlds, or the body de-materializing and re-materializing.

Temporal Planes

  • Temporal rifts (e.g. glyph traps; temporal warrior and worm invasion creatures)

Spiritual Planes

Other Planes