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This page lists all the Humanoid Family creatures found in Elanthia.

Humanoid creatures have a bipedal body type and characteristics resembling humans, but may not specifically be human themselves.

Creature Level Location
Cave gnome 2 Icemule Trace, Wehnimer's Landing
Troglodyte 3 Wehnimer's Landing
Wall guardian 11 Icemule Trace
Deranged sentry 13 Icemule Trace
Dark shambler 17 Icemule Trace, Solhaven, Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing
Arachne servant 21 Wehnimer's Landing
Arachne acolyte 23 Wehnimer's Landing
Arachne priest 26 Wehnimer's Landing
Cyclops 26 Vornavis
Cook's assistant 28 Wehnimer's Landing
Mezic 33 Solhaven
Hooded figure 30 Wehnimer's Landing
Sheruvian initiate 37 Wehnimer's Landing
Sheruvian monk 41 Wehnimer's Landing
Seeker 52 Icemule Trace
Sheruvian harbinger 63 Wehnimer's Landing
Emaciated hierophant 66 Ta'Illistim
Muscular supplicant 67 Ta'Illistim
Athletic dark-eyed incubus 68 Icemule Den of Rot
Hunch-backed dogmatist 70 Ta'Illistim
Fire mage 71 Teras Isle
Raving lunatic 77 The Rift, Plane 1
Festering taint 86 Ta'Illistim
Lithe veiled sentinel 96 Sanctum of Scales
Deathsworn fanatic 98 Sanctum of Scales
Bloody halfling cannibal 101 Hinterwilds
Pale scaled shaper 102 Sanctum of Scales
Stunted halfling bloodspeaker 103 Hinterwilds
Darkly inked fetish master 104 The Rift, The Scatter
Savage fork-tongued wendigo 105 Hinterwilds
Bandit Variable
Corporeal Undead
Creature Level Location
Skeleton 1 Icemule, Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing
Ice skeleton 3 Wehenimer's Landing
Lesser mummy 6 Wehnimer's Landing
Death dirge 9 Solhaven, Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing
Rotting woodsman 23 Solhaven
Carceris 25 Wehnimer's Landing
Spectral monk 25 Solhaven, Wehnimer's Landing
Frenzied monk 27 Ta'Vaalor
Monastic lich 27 Wehnimer's Landing
Rotting farmhand 32 Icemule Trace
Skeletal soldier 34 River's Rest
Skeletal lord 41 Solhaven, Wehnimer's Landing
Baesrukha 42 Ta'Illistim
Decaying Citadel guardsman 56 River's Rest
Rotting Citadel arbalester 58 River's Rest
Putrefied Citadel herald 60 River's Rest
Vaespilon 93 The Rift, Plane 5
Lich 110 The Rift, Scatter

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