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a golden domed band

One of two rings raffled at the 1999 Promise. The other has a different list of familiars.

There is no limit on the frequency of use of the ring, and it has limitless charges.

You need to know Call Familiar to work the ring. The familiar selections are:

Teras Isle:

a green-eyed pelican. a blue-grey cat. a beautiful blue and red toucan. a tiny black bat. a coppery pitohui. a pale grey lemur. a royal blue chameleon. a soft grey mouse. a bright red frog.

Icemule Trace:

a small white cat. a fluffy white hare. a silver-tipped gyrfalcon. a cream-colored wolf. a white and grey fox. a comical white penguin. a cloud grey owl.

Wehnimer's Landing (and everwhere else since the expansion):

a cloud grey owl. a blue-grey cat. a shiny black raven. a rust-colored falcon. a silvery-gold hawk. a deep brown wolf. a soft grey mouse. a bright red frog.

>look band

The band is crafted from what appear to be strands of pure gold, wrought into an exquisite domed shape. Tiny silver figures of various animals decorate the band, while three black pearl dragons grace the dome.

>open band

You flip open the dome on your band.

>look in band

The top of the band contains a well that brims with some strange, clear liquid. Just beneath the surface, you can barely discern the image of a cloud grey owl.

>poke band

At the touch of your finger, the pool of crystal-clear liquid held by the band ripples outward.

>look in band

The top of the band contains a well that brims with some strange, clear liquid. Just beneath the surface, you can barely discern the image of a blue-grey cat.

>prep 920

You trace a series of glowing runes while chanting the phrase for Call Familiar... Your spell is ready.

>gaze band

As you gaze into the depths of the tiny pool, you notice a faint tickle. It is almost as if the band is drawing energy from your very being...

After a moment's silence a blue-grey cat prances into the area and glances up at you intelligently.

- - - - -


In your mind you see the image of a wisened old gnome at his workbench. The room is a clutter of potions and tomes and strange equipment for which you have no name. The old fellow is surrounded by all sorts of creatures, each with eyes that sparkle with some inner light. The gnome stares at each in turn, framing them with outstretched fingers before bending low over some shiny object on the worktable. Closest to the wizard stands the most beautiful of all his pets, a gleaming white unicorn. The old chap glances over at her and smiles ever so softly.

As you sing, a faint image begins to take shape before you. Gradually, the image becomes clearer and crisper, till you could swear that everyone must be able to see a green-eyed lemur for the briefest of moments. Oddly, the creature seems to wink and then disappear in the same instant.

(everyone in the room sees the glimpse of the animal, which will be a random one of the unique familiars)

Once more you see the wizard in his workshop, still surrounded by beautiful animals. The old chap no longer smiles though, and it is apparent that his most beloved of familiars is no longer part of the menagerie. The gnome bends over his work once more as a glistening teardrop falls. Softly, you hear his voice whispering, "At least the others shall live forever. If only I had worked more quickly."

- - - - -

A beautiful creation by Fawn and Aelsidhe, they are both missed.


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