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Magic items are items that can be activated to cast spells. Common types of magic items include wands, potions, and scrolls.

Magic Item Use (MIU) is the primary skill required for these items (except scrolls), which determines how easily they can be activated and how effective each activation will be. Arcane Symbols (AS) is the skill used for scrolls.

Using Magic Items

Main article: Magic Item Use

Magic items may respond to one of the following verbs: TAP, RUB, WAVE, RAISE, EAT, DRINK, INVOKE.

The TAP, RUB, WAVE, and RAISE commands all require Magic Item Use skill in order to activate the magic item. TAP requires the fewest ranks, followed by (equally) RUB and WAVE, while RAISE requires the most ranks.

EAT and DRINK do not require a skill check.

The INVOKE command is used for scrolls (and special items that behave like scrolls), requiring training in the Arcane Symbols skill.


Main article: Charge (magic)

Magic items have a limited number of times they can be activated, or charges, before the magic is exhausted. Some items will crumble into dust and be permanently destroyed when they are out of charges. Depending on the item, it may be possible for a wizard to add charges with Charge Item (517).

Scrolls have their own special recharging system, available to sorcerers with Scroll Infusion (714).

Imbedding Spells

Main article: Magic Item Creation (420)

Magic items can come in several states: already imbedded with a spell, blank and ready to be imbedded, or blank and requiring additional preparation.

The common types of magic items found in the treasure system or purchased from town alchemists are imbedded with known spells: for example, an iron wand found on a creature will always contain the spell Minor Shock. If an item is not one of the known common types, it may still be revealed to be magical through loresinging or other means.

For more details on uncommon magic items, see: Demystifying unusual loot guide.

Blank items can have spells imbedded into them with the Magic Item Creation (420) spell. Certain items may need to be prepared with a grot t'kel potion before imbedding. Rangers can create blank magic items with the Imbue (614) ability.

Magic items can also be created by Holy Receptacle (325) or through the alchemy system.