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Mist Harbor Library Lectures are hosted by Loremaster Rohese in Harbor Library in the Eastern Harbor of Mist Harbor on Pelican Lane. These lectures are open to the public. An invited guest speaker gives a lecture on a lore-based topic of their choosing, after which they take questions for a time. Refreshments are provided.

Sortable List of Lectures and Speakers

Subject Speaker Month Year
Age of Darkness Xorus September 2020
On Temporal Magic Raelee November 2020
Necrobiology Ysharra December 2020
Choices Katillios January 2021
Magic Theory Yukito March 2021
Understanding Power Talinvor May 2021
Journey into the Wyrdeep Akenna June 2021
Tehir Tradition of Oral Tales Alosaka August 2021
Spirits of the dead and their many forms Jaysehn September 2021
Pennant Chase Ordim November 2021
Gastronomy Traiva December 2021
Ivas Provides Kothos January 2022
Imaera and Sylvan Magic Meril March 2022
Storytelling Kayse May 2022
Art of the Bloodlines Dendum June 2022
Qyn'arj Lucrecea July 2022
Baleglass Missoni August 2022
Lightning Glass Lunaryna September 2022
Chivalric Code Guarrin November 2022
The Way Talinvor February 2023
Permutations of Faith Falicor March 2023
Iyo and the Hexah'Jing Kiyonna April 2023
Marlu Tikba May 2023
Comparative Study of Elanthian Poetry Mirkk July 2023
Elven textiles and the Economy Uniana September 2023
Sylvan Summoning Starletdawn November 2023
On Logic Raelee January 2024
On Folklore and Oral Histories Elaejia March 2024
Igaeshan Divination Lylia May 2024