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Tsoran's map

This category lists all creatures found in the Nightmare Gorge hunting area. The Nightmare Gorge hunting area is nearest to the town of Icemule Trace. It is found on the Tsoran map IMT-pinefar.

Nightmare Gorge is a small hunting area and passage between the realms of Icemule Trace and Pinefar.

It is necessary to climb at either end of the gorge, and the area is inhabited by creatures of 42nd-47th level, and some are quite fearsome. Therefore, it is advised that any adventurer hunting here, or passing through to Pinefar, be trained in climbing and have reached at least 35 trainings.

The climbing point at the eastern end of the gorge is the transport dividing point between Icemule Trace and Pinefar. However, as it is not possible to transport into the gorge itself (only out), adventurers often refer to a place called "the Rocks", which is just outside the western climbing point into the Gorge. This is the closest point to Pinefar which is transportable from Icemule Trace, and more experienced adventurers in the area are almost invariably familiar with it. (Many carry gold rings set to this place.)

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