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This page lists all the Orc Family creatures found in Elanthia.

Orcs are warmongering creatures, that roam in all regions of Elanthia, across a wide range of levels. Below is a list of the common orc species of Elanthia, their level, and their general location in the world.

Orc Level Location
Ridge orc 4 Landing
Lesser orc 6 Landing; Icemule Trace
Lesser burrow orc 7 Landing
Lesser red orc 7 Landing; Ta'Vaalor
Greater burrow orc 8 Landing
Greater orc 8 Landing; Solhaven; River's Rest
Raider orc 10 Ta'Vaalor
Neartofar orc 11 Ta'Vaalor
Dark orc 12 Landing; Solhaven
Grey orc 14 Landing; Ta'Vaalor; River's Rest
Silverback orc 14 Icemule Trace
Plains orc warrior 16 Ta'Illistim
Plains orc scout 17 Ta'Illistim
Plains orc shaman 18 Ta'Illistim
Plains orc chieftain 21 Ta'Illistim
Grimswarm orcs Variable Warcamps

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