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[[File:Red_Forest.png|right|thumb|Red Forest map by Rozy]]'''The Red Forest''' is a hunting ground located in the Elven Village near [[Wehnimer's Landing]] and also [[Aradhul Road]] near [[Ta'Vaalor]] containing level 60-83 creatures.  These are two separate instances created by unstable planar energies from the collision of [[Elanthia]] with the [[Elemental Confluence]]. In the past it would only [[Isles of transfer#Behind the Scenes|rejoin]] our space/time briefly in a [[Mana storm|celestial alignment]] of [[Liabo]] and [[Lornon]].
Training in [[Survival]] and [[Perception]] is required to access the area.
Any herb that is able to be [[foraging|foraged]] in the Red Forest Landing area, can be foraged in EVERY room in the Red Forest.  There is no creature in the first area that can break a [[sanctuary]], so this area is safest to forage for herbs.
==Behind the scenes==
The Red Forest has an [[isles of transfer]] quality like [[Shadow Valley]] and [[The Broken Lands]]. They are [[Foggy Valley|foggy]] with  [[Muylari|serpent]], [[Night mare#Behind the Scenes|poison]], [[Magru#Behind the Scenes|black ichor]], [[Maleskari#Behind the Scenes|demonic]], [[Selias Jodame#Behind the Scenes|moon]], [[Dreamvine|dream]], [[Makiri#Behind the Scenes|moss]]/[[Moaning spirit#Behind the Scenes|fungus]], and [[Uthex Kathiasas#Behind the Scenes|time warp]] themes. The demon of Shadow Valley [[Muylari#(C) Other Subtexts|resembled]] a very large winged viper, and the dire beasts have the [[myklian]] "bony protrusion" block on attacks. The Red Forest itself is something of an [[ICE age|I.C.E. Age]] throwback to the [[Shards|Blue Forest]] which was destroyed by [[Shards]] and purged of its [[Erlini|Elven]] population by the [[Iylari]] of [[The Iron Wind]]. They had earlier been ethnically cleansed with [[Ghost wolf|war wolves]] by the conqueror Ugus Fost, who might have been subtly alluded to by the Colossus for the [[Vvrael]] story. The [[Shards]] were warped "tree golems" with a taste for brains and bowels, probably what decapitated the bear in [[Danjirland]]. In [[Kelfour Edition volume I number XII|the past]] they were poisonous creatures that could be hunted outside the [[Spider Temple]]. They were made from the mutilated bodies of men and elves, and were described as [[Monstrous direwolf|"cunning"]] or "demonic." The [[Navigator]] obelisk in Danjirland was near the Shard forest in the [[Jaiman]] source book map, and was discovered to work a week after the Red Forest returned, transporting to a place called [[Talon Isle]].
==Ambient messaging==
A twig snaps in the distance.
==See also==
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[[Category: Wehnimer's Landing Hunting Areas]] [[Category: Ta'Vaalor Hunting Areas]]

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