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This page lists creatures within the Reptilian family creatures.

Reptiles can vary in size and body type, and typically have scaled skin. The can live in a variety of terrains and climates, and will lay eggs as part of the reproductive cycle.

Creature Level Location
Young grass snake 1 Ta'Vaalor
Cave nipper 3 Wehnimer's Landing
Relnak 3 Wehnimer's Landing
Striped relnak 3 Ta'Vaalor
Cobra 4 Solhaven, Wehnimer's Landing
Fanged viper 4 Ta'Vaalor
Water moccasin 4 Ta'Vaalor, The Toadwort; Wehnimer's Landing, The Graveyard
Greater kappa 7 Wehnimer's Landing
Mottled thrak 8
Thrak 8 Solhaven, Wehnimer's Landing
Crocodile 9 Icemule Trace, River's Rest, Solhaven
Banded rattlesnake 18 Ta'Illistim
Cave lizard 18 Zul Logoth
Tree viper 24 River's Rest, Wehnimer's Landing
Scaly burgee 29 Ta'Illistim, Teras Isle
Myklian 30 Wehnimer's Landing
Three-toed tegu 33 Ta'Illistim
Siren lizard 42 Teras Isle
Necrotic snake 48 River's Rest
Red-scaled thrak 48 Teras Isle
Sand devil 48 Teras Isle
Black forest viper 59 Ta'Illistim
Winged viper 60 Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing
Red tsark 66 Teras Isle
Lich qyn'arj 84 Ta'Illistim, Old Ta'Faendryl

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