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Tsoran's map

This category lists all creatures found in the The Toadwort hunting area. The The Toadwort hunting area is nearest to the town of Ta'Vaalor. It is found on the Tsoran map EN-cemetery.

The Toadwort is an unpleasant swamp located outside of the Annatto Gate in Ta'Vaalor. In regards to wildlife, this swamp differs from the Fethayl Bog as an adventurer will notice that lush wildlife growth has attracted a variety of animals and foul creatures.

The Toadwort is a beginner level hunting ground. There are currently six (6) indigenous creatures to the area, made up of five (5) living and one (1) undead creature.

Hunting information

If you are a low level adventurer, be careful not to go across the steam, as this leads you to the darkwoodes, which will be significantly out of your level range.

Landmarks and other information

Once you climb over the muddy bank, which is southeast of the Annatto Gate, you will see a boulder that is 'frog-shaped' and covered in moss. It's a nice little reminder of the name of the area.


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