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These templates are used to list the various statistics of weapons in Elanthia. To use the templates, start with the Template:Weapon table start, then add entries using the Template:Weapon table entry or Template:Weapon table simple templates. To end the table, use the Template:Weapon table end template, which happens to be just a table-end ( |} ) symbol.

Template:Weapon table entry differs from Template:Weapon table simple in that the entry template takes the variables as defined, IE, they can be placed in any order, therefore allowing different customization of the layout of the code and allows for a simple implimentation of partial data. The Simple template doesn't require the variable names, however, it does require data to be entered in a very specific order, which usually requires a bit of trial-and-error, should the user be trying to use this template from scratch. The Simple template was created to aid in the conversion of older pre-template tables to a template, and, in the creation of new tables, it is recommended to use the Entry template, rather than the Simple template.

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