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Wehnimer's Landing is governed by an elected mayor (NPC) and council (PC).


Mayor: Thadston Andrews
Town Council: Kayse (5122- ), Kiyna (5122- ), Vaemyr (5122- ), Pookia (5122- )
Steward of the Guard: Dunigan
Steward of the Coffers: Alendrial
Steward of the Guilds: Amos
Regional Envoy: Cordarius


Past NPC mayors included Stennis and Walkar. From 5115-5121, adventurers could serve as mayor for a one-year term with the option to run for re-election only once.

Adventurers elected as mayor:

In 5121, mayors returned to being NPCs.

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Mayoral Campaigns

Council Members

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Council Campaigns

Town Guard

Led by Dunigan, we do not have a lot of information at this time on the Town Guard.

Wehnimer's Landing Militia

The Wehnimer's Landing Militia is an official group of PCs and NPCs overseen by a GameMaster.

Marshal of the Militia: Stormyrain
Commander of the Militia: Shinann
Captain of the Militia: Darcena
Member of the Militia: Shirkon (Captain emeritus), Ariond, Asben, Bernadette, Giantphang, Goldtree, Lyrna, Maags, Nazarr, Neopuron, Puptilian, Roelaren

Other Influences

These additional influences on Wehnimer's Landing politics are separate from town governance.

Additional Information