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==[[:Category:Geography| Geographical]] Information==
==[[:Category:Geography| Geographical]] Information==
<section begin=Geographical Information />* [[:Category:Bodies of Water|Bodies of Water]] - Where to find information on bodies of water in the world, whether accessible to characters or not.
{{#section:Category:Geography|Geographical Information}}
* [[Elanthian Flora Guide/Climate Zones| Climate zones]] - Breakdown of climates within Elanthia.
* [[Constellations of the Northern Sky| Constellations]] - Elanthia's constellations.
* [[Elanthian Flora Guide]] - Where to find information regarding Elanthia's flora, including where to find and forage them, as well as uses.
* [[Elanthian Moons]] - Moons of Elanthia.  [[Liabo]] and [[Lornon]] are considered the more prominent, and have [[pantheon]]s associated with them.
* [[:Category:Maps| Maps]] - Maps of Elanthia.  This includes artistic renderings, as well as player-created maps that allow for easier navigation through the game.
* [[:Category:Towns| Towns]] and [[:Category:Cities |Cities]] - Information on the settlements of Elanthia, both visitable by characters and those mentioned in historical lore.<section end=Geographical Information />
==[[:Category:Deities| Deities]]==
==[[:Category:Deities| Deities]]==

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The Worlds category pertains to all things regarding the Gemstone world.

Geographical Information

Physical Geography

These categories are intended to provide more information and organization on the physical geography of the planet, Elanthia. This includes information on the bodies of water found inland and at sea and the landforms from the continents down to caves and gullies. Information on the flora including climate and biomes are also included here as is the study of the larger cosmos including constellations and other planets.

Political Geography

These categories are intended to provide more information and organization on the political geography of the planet, Elanthia. This includes information on the existing nations, cities and towns, and famous ships of Elanthia. It also includes cartography and information on hunting areas, as these are usually organized by proximity to a town. Information in these categories is intended primarily for currently active political states; all information about political information from history should be cross-categorized appropriately in Category:History.


The "gods" of Elanthia. They are broken up into arkati and lesser spirits, as well as pantheons.

General World Information

  • Bestiary - Information on the creatures of Elanthia.
  • Currency - Currencies within Elanthia, the primary one being silvers.
  • History - The history of Elanthia. This includes timelines and official documentation.
  • Languages - Information regarding languages spoken in Elanthia.
  • Professions - Information on professions players may choose when creating their character.
  • Races and Cultures - Information on the races and cultures available to players.
  • Time - Information regarding the passage of time within Elanthia.

Additional Information

  • Adventurers - Pages with background information on player characters.
  • Guides - Player-writted articles meant to assist with things such as professions, mechanics, towns, and various other topics.
  • Events - Information on festivals, pay events, and pay quests.
  • Organizations - Organizations in Elanthia, both GM-led and player-run.

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