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Tsoran's map

This category lists all creatures found in the Yander's Farm hunting area. The Yander's Farm hunting area is nearest to the town of Ta'Vaalor. It is found on the Tsoran map EN-victory.gif.

Yander's Farm is located just southwest of Ta'Vaalor down a worn track outside the Victory Gate.

There were rumors that the entire barn was simply an elaborate ruse to hide a secret laboratory where the infamous Yander works dark magics for ill purpose.

The farm itself is split up into a turnip patch, a wheat field, a barley field, and a corn field. Each of these, as well as the main area and the interior of the barn, hosts a different low-level hunting ground.

Main/Barn Area Turnip Patch Wheat Field Barley Field Corn Field
brown gak spotted lynx giant marmot dark orc great stag
black rolton lesser red orc raider orc great boar grey orc
spotted gnarp

Of interest

On Yander's Farm there was a working well that thirsty adventurers could lower a bucket into and then drink from.

Spotted velnalins and black urghs once roamed the farm when it was entirely a hunting ground for 'starting' adventurers. Yander's Farm was overhauled and those two creatures disappeared when the orcs and such were introduced, extending its appeal to adventurers up to approximately 15 trainings.


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