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Tsoran's map

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Imaera's Path, which can be found on the Upper Trollfang map is located across the Alpine Meadow bridge, not too distant from the entrance to Cavernhold proper. This path leads to a crystal spire.

Indigenous Creatures

Many of the gnolls of Cavernhold are docile when treated properly. They can be followed and watched, and may reveal their secrets if not interrupted.

Gnolls that can be found between the rubble pile and the door to Cavernhold are:

Gnoll thieves are well known for their ability to steal from those who thought they were hidden in the shadows.
Gnoll rangers may stop what they are doing to gather mushrooms.
The miners will only be seen outside of Cavernhold when they are carrying crystal to the shrine at the end of Imaera's path.

Gnolls that can be found inside Cavernhold are:

The miners will often gather at the crystal wall, waiting for someone to help them loosen the crystals from the wall.

Dangers of Cavernhold

Any who are not familiar with Cavernhold run the risk of being caught in traps. The gnolls are uniquely dangerous in this way. When they capture you, they will remove any items they regard as usable in attempting an escape. These items are then hidden at various sites within the inner parts of Cavernhold. These inner parts are accessible only to the shorter races, so those of the larger races will need to rely on the goodwill and efforts of the shorter races to even try to recover the items.

Good luck exploring, and always be sure to let someone you trust know you went there before you visit.

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