Cerulean Kuykendahl

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Lord Cerulean Kuykendahl was the former Chair of House Brigatta. He previously wrote a description as:

Chest: 30 Waist: 30 Hips: 30 Height: 3' 6" Weight: 70 Sign: Water Favorite Color: Blue

Ambitions: To one-day be known for my own designer-label, enchanted death-and-destruction line of armor and weapons

Turn-ons: Leather, green eyes, long legs, doing it in public (enchanting)

Turn-offs: Authority figures, infusing mana, too much perfume, not enough chocolate on my tarts

Favorite Book: 101 Ways to Fill and Cover a Tart

Favorite Interests: Hobbit pong, keggling, enchanting

Happiest Moment: First successful enchant

Most Embarassing Moment: First time I blew myself up enchanting

Motto to Live By: Not even hobbits are perfect.