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Chalcedony is a semi-crystalline variation of quartz. There are many types of it which are known under other names, such as bloodstones or sards.

List of Chalcedonies

Average value:
Location: Zul Logoth

a piece of grey chalcedony

Description:   Waxy in color, the chalcedony is arranged in blocky crystals with clinging remnants of rough rock. The glossy surfaces are nearly white, though several spots are cloudy with a myriad grey shades akin to young storm clouds in an overcast sky.

Average value:
Location: Elven Nations

a piece of white chalcedony

Description:   Tiny, brilliantly sparkling quartz crystals cover one face of the piece of white chalcedony, but the unadorned stone is exposed on the other. Thin bands of grey pass through the semi-translucent stone, but, aside from those slender adornments, the rock is the same pallid, milky color as the face of the full moon Liabo.