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* Miniature Ice Pick
* Miniature Ice Pick
* An icicle-shaped lockpick
* An icicle-shaped lockpick
* Frosty Blue Crystal - same as a [[Blue Crystal]], contains [[Spirit_Strike_(117)]]
* Frosty Blue Crystal - same as a [[Blue crystal]], contains [[Spirit_Strike_(117)]]
* A gold dragon-shaped frosting tip
* A gold dragon-shaped frosting tip

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Chiseled is the name of a game that first appeared at Briarmoon_Cove in 2016. Players could spend 1000 silvers to purchase a chisel to create an ice sculpture, the quality of which would determine which tier of prize would be rewarded.


  • Pile of Crushed Ice
  • An Ice Tree
  • An Ice Sword
  • An Ice Rolton
  • An Ice Dragon


Tier 1

  • Moldy Pinecone
  • Half eaten blueberry tart

Tier 2

Tier 3

  • A silver ring topped with an obsidian disc - contains Floating Disk
  • A star-shaped pin decorated with yellow diamonds
  • A wide-lipped copper glass vial - 2 doses of shimmery cobalt dye

Tier 4

  • Double-horned dark mithril helm
  • Onyx wand - wand combiner

Tier 5

  • Tier 4 Forest Armor
  • a basket with runestones
  • an enruned gold and kelyn ring - unnavvable gold ring
  • Fully unlocked Xojium Robes
  • Fireball Ring
  • Chronomage Dagger