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Citizenship can be achieved in many of the cities and towns found in Elanthia. In some cities, citizenship is limited by race. This limitation may either exclude certain races, or it may offer partial citizenship to others. Citizenship and partial citizenship bring various benefits to those who maintain them in the city or town. Using the command CITIZEN, a player can view their character's current citizenship status.

Earning Citizenship

Citizenship is earned by accumulating citizenship points. These points are gathered by performing certain actions in a town, including interacting with town NPCs, using town shops, or using other town services. A ranking system is in place to allow players to check how close to citizenship they are in a town. This is done by going to the town's citizenship clerk and then asking the clerk about STATUS. If the player is eligible, ask about CITIZENSHIP and the clerk will indicate so. To then proceed on to becoming a citizen, you must ask about REGISTER and the clerk will direct you to WRITE your name in a book. This will grant you citizenship or partial citizenship, depending on your race. It should be noted that if a character's race makes them ineligible for citizenship, it will not be mentioned when asking about STATUS, so keep in mind which towns allow what races citizenship.

A commonly held misconception about citizenship is that backroom access is required in all shops for citizenship. While purchasing from NPCs does gain one citizenship points, these actions must be done over time. Rapidly purchasing in order to gain backroom access wastes a significant amount of silvers with very little return in points. Purchasing goods over time is effective. Doing tasks for the city's local branch of the Adventurer's Guild seems to be an effective way to earn citizenship points, although whether this is on its own merits or due to the need to interact with NPCs is not known. It takes approximately eight hours to gain citizenship through performing various tasks.

It is possible to earn citizenship points in multiple cities at one time. It is even possible to reach citizenship eligibility in multiple cities, but once you have achieved citizenship in one city, you cannot have it in another unless you give up citizenship in the first. This can be done by CLEANing the book in the citizenship office.

The eligibility tiers are as follows:

  • Tier 1: You've started on the path to citizenship, <character name>.
  • Tier 2: Ahhh, <character name>, you're progressing nicely towards citizenship.
  • Tier 3: <character name>, you certainly are gaining a lot of recognition around town lately.
  • Tier 4: Greetings, <character name>. How is life treating you today?

Shortly after achieving the fourth tier, citizenship will become available if the character's race is allowed in the town.

Citizenship Benefits

Citizenship brings with it various benefits. Some of these are city specific, some of them apply to all of the cities.

Citizenship Benefits include:

  • A beneficial bonus in the merchant system, including better prices for sold goods, and cheaper prices for bought goods.
  • Bank note exchanges provide benefits to citizens.
  • Discounts when using the Chronomage system from the town of citizenship.
  • Player run shops may be purchased in a city by its citizens.
  • Zul Logoth citizens recieve a discount on the price of cart rides.
  • Citizens of Icemule Trace do not have to pay to use the various gates.
  • Citizens of Wehnimer's Landing do not have to pay to use the west gate.
  • Citizens of River's Rest receive discounted rates for the Live Bait and no charge for the races at Bertha's.
  • There is a citizen-only lounge for residents of Kharam Dzu on the Glaesen Star.
  • The captain of the ferry across the Lake of Fear asks for less bribe money from citizens of Ta'Vaalor. Vaalor citizens also do not have to pay for their papers and have the option to join the Crimson Legion Reserves.
  • Certain towns have citizenship pins and citizen-specific verbs.

Citizenship-specific verbs

River's Rest
FLY You flap your arms and let out a harsh scream, imitating a blood eagle.
FLY <person> or <creature> Arms outstretched, you swoop towards (target) and let out a harsh scream, imitating a blood eagle.
FLY <self> Doing your best imitation of a newcomer's first encounter with a blood eagle, you windmill your arms, let out an ear-piercing shriek, and topple to the ground with a thud.
FLY <object> Doing your best imitation of a newcomer's first encounter with a blood eagle, you windmill your arms, let out an ear-piercing shriek, and topple to the ground in front of (target).
GLANCE <self> You glance over yourself, making sure you are a presentable River Rat.
Senglent glances over himself, checking his appearance before adopting a proud, cocksure stance.
GLANCE <creature> You glance at (target) and try to determine if it would give a River Rat a good fight.
Senglent glances at a jet black gyrfalcon, cooly inspecting the gyrfalcon with an expression of cocksureness.
MUMBLE <person> You glance at (target) and mumble something about imperial lackeys.
MUMBLE <self> You mumble something about imperial taxes and revolution.
MUMBLE <object> or <creature> You mumble some foul oaths that would make a deckhand blush to (target).
RAISE DRINK You raise your <drink> in a toast to River's Rest!
SNORT You start to snorfle, but you inhale as you do and plummet into a coughing fit!
SNORT <person> You snorfle at (target), sounding a lot like an aardvark.
WHISTLE <self> You whistle a carefree tune, the perfect picture of innocence.
WHISTLE <target> or <creature> You glance at Turpin the shopkeeper and whistle a carefree tune, the perfect picture of innocence.
Kharam Dzu
PANIC You suddenly feel nervous and instinctively glance in the direction of Ghorsa Tower. Was that the gong?
PANIC <self> Your palms start to sweat as panic sets in. Somebody should go ring the gong!
PANIC <person> As the feeling of panic rises up in you, you shout to <person>, "Quick, go ring the gong!"
PANIC <creature> The presence of the <creature> is too much for you to take! You recoil in a panic, flailing and whimpering. Somebody should go ring the gong!
PANIC <object> You recoil from <object> in panic, expecting it to be as hot as lava.
DUST <self> You rub your hands together compulsively.
DUST <object> You dust off the <object> compulsively. It just won't come clean!
Citizen dusts off the <object> compulsively as if he will never be satisfied with its condition.
DUST <creature> You hedge toward <object>, inspecting it for ash.
Citizen hedges toward <creature>, his fingers twitching.

City Specific Citizenship

As stated earlier, some cities offer citizenship to only certain races, with partial citizenship being allowed for others. Some smaller towns do not even offer citizenship.

Racial Restrictions for Various Cities: