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:*[[cleric trinkets|Cleric Trinkets]]
:*[[cleric trinkets|Cleric Trinkets]]
;[[Orisons]]: This skill is not yet implemented.  There will be 13 subskills, about half of which are fluffy.  About half of the subskills will have deity specific messaging. Training tasks will be like [[Rogue Gambits|gambits]], with teaching, learning, audience reps, skilled masters tasks, speed reps, and the new transcribe texts from the library task that is going into all the pure guilds. Per ASGM Estild at SimuCon 2016, Development for Cleric Orisons has been put on hold indefinitely.
A proposed fourth guild skill, [[Orisons]], has been delayed indefinitely.

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Wednesday nights are Guild Nights

The Cleric Guild is the clerics' profession guild.

Cleric Guild Skill List

There are three subskills to Alchemy.

A proposed fourth guild skill, Orisons, has been delayed indefinitely.


The Cleric Guild has structures in the following locations:


Promotion to Guildmaster status requires mastery of General Alchemy and a total of 125 skill ranks; once meeting this requirement, the presence of 2 other members who have also met the requirement (whether they are currently a Guildmaster or eligible for promotion themselves) is necessary to execute the promotion. Player Guildmasters can gain experience and fame for checking in other Guild members (must be inactive or required to check in in the next 10 days) or for promoting other Guild members to higher ranks. Guildmasters need to drop by the guild once every 90 days to maintain their status.

Known Cleric Guildmasters (with the first six original Guildmasters in bold):

  • Asarious
  • Curthieus
  • Mikalmas
  • Shadowean
  • Rohese
  • Quildor
  • Kaedra
  • Pulsegiver
  • Aubriella
  • Annorax
  • Godefroy
  • Havothor
  • Varucca
  • Salvashion
  • Ostes
  • Jurmell
  • Amminar
  • Leafiara