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Climbing checks also take [[encumbrance]] and injuries into account.
Climbing checks also take [[encumbrance]] and injuries into account.
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!Realm||Location||Applicable Level||Suggested Climbing Ranks||Notes
!Realm||Location||Applicable Level||Suggested Climbing Ranks||Notes

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Climbing represents a characters ability to climb. Although of a less importance at lower levels, climbing is necessary in accessing some areas at later levels.

Ranks and Training Costs

Type Square Semi Pure
Profession Rogue Warrior Monk Bard Paladin Ranger Cleric Empath Savant Sorcerer Wizard
Max Ranks Per Level 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 - 1 1
Training point Cost 1/0 3/0 1/0 3/0 3/0 2/0 4/0 4/0 - 4/0 4/0

Locations Requiring Climbing

Climbing checks also take encumbrance and injuries into account.

Realm Location Applicable Level Suggested Climbing Ranks Notes
Wehnimer's Landing The Graveyard (gate) 1+ 8 Can only climb into Graveyard, not out
Wehnimer's Landing Darkstone Castle 30+ 30
Wehnimer's Landing Thanatoph (ledge) 50+ ? Aids in not falling
Wehnimer's Landing Stronghold 57+ 25
Wehnimer's Landing Hidden Plateau/Labyrinth 65+ 30-50
River's Rest Maelstrom Bay 30+ 15 Also 10-15 Swimming, which can be negated by
Water Walking (112) if properly trained in climbing
River's Rest The Citadel 50+ 20
Solhaven Wooded Plains (wood wights) 20-25 10-15
Solhaven Noman's Land (cyclops) 25-30 10-15
Solhaven Bonespear Tower 43+ 20
Zul Logoth Landing-Elven Nations Trail 1+ 10+ Low level characters should use a travel guide
Elven Nations Aradhul Road 60 40+ Swimming required if Climbing checks are failed
Icemule Trace Pinefar and Northeast of Icemule Wide range 20-40
Icemule Trace Hillside in Frozen Bramble 45-50
The Rift silvery thread 78+ 50+
Elemental Confluence everywhere 90+ 60+ Reduces random roundtime when moving