Cobbling Hallmarks

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Cobbling Punches & Hallmarks

The Cobblers of Elanthia can punch their own custom hallmark onto the soles of their creations (as well as the names of the cobbler and/or the owner of the shoes) with the use of a cobbling punch.

(Please feel free to edit and add your own cobbler name & hallmark to the list.)

Known Cobblers & Existing Hallmarks

Merelle Hart, House Cordwainer ~ a silkworm moth (logo for The Looking Glass as a Fashion House MHO)
Obsalyn ~ a series of interlocking jade cogs and gears intertwined with an onyx rose
Laelithonel Asterfrost ~ a nacre-inlaid leaping narwhal
Lasentra ~ A peacock set upon a ring of fairy primrose is stamped on the sole at the forefoot, its tail extending the length of the shoe to the heel.
Tawariell Andrenae ~ a gilt-edged moonflower