Confections and Cakes

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Confections and Cakes is a food shop in Mist Harbor. It specializes in wedding-related food and is located in the Great Hall in Ceiluir Glade, through a silver gilt door in the foyer.

[Great Hall, Confections]
Lined up beyond the glass counter is a wall of baking racks that are cooling their delectable treats, while a small spit, fitted into a riverstone fireplace, turns a slow-roasting leg of lamb. Chilled fruits are arranged within the display upon slabs of rhimar, while tureens of soup and vegetables are kept warm by glowing drakar slabs. An open frosted glass door leads into the foyer beyond, where the sound of a soft lute can be heard playing a sweet tune.


Welcome to Confections and Cakes!

Yasha offers her catalog to browse.
Yasha exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a robust leafy green salad           9. a slice of warm apple pie
  2. an herb and escarole salad           10. a golden vanilla cream tart
  3. a roasted onion and boar dish        11. a heart-shaped spiced apple tart
  4. a fillet of citrus-topped tilapia    12. a caramel and vanilla cookie
  5. some wedges of ruby red grapefruit   13. a heart-shaped red sugar cookie
  6. a plump pale yellow star fruit       14. a chocolate and wafer cookie sandwich
  7. a fuzzy pale orange peach            15. a robust passionfruit wine
  8. a slice of warm cherry pie           16. a chilled glass of lime gin