Converted Weather Station Cobbling Supply

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Converted Weather Station Cobbling Supply is a cobbling shop in Kraken's Fall. It is location at the far southeast end of Middle Arm Ave.

[Cobbler's Supply Corridor] RNUM: 29143
Heavy cabinets fashioned of steel encircle the short corridor, their steel faces reflecting the ambient light that filters from nearby lanterns. A long counter, also fashioned of steel, stretches across the space acting as a barrier between the shop and storage area. Crates, casks, bundles, and footlockers, each with bright white labels, are stacked in tidy rows beyond the counter.


Captain Barhknuckle offers his catalog to browse.
Barhknuckle exclaims, "Eruheran!  Welcome back!  I have some top quality merchandise today in the backroom."

  1. a bolt of byssine                   21. a block of teak
  2. a bolt of canvas                    22. some fishing line
  3. a bolt of sailcloth                 23. a roll of hemp
  4. a bolt of sea silk                  24. some twisted cord laces
  5. a bolt of plush velvet              25. a sharp bone-handled knife
  6. some medium tanned leather          26. a small linen pouch
  7. some heavy tanned leather           27. some tiny starfish settings
  8. some light tanned leather           28. some frosty grey sea glass settings
  9. a square of distressed leather      29. some silver fish hook settings
  10. a piece of tanned walrus leather   30. a vial of warm copper dye
  11. a piece of whale skin              31. a vial of bronzed umber dye
  12. a piece of porpoise skin           32. a vial of mustard dye
  13. a piece of halibut skin            33. a vial of carmine dye
  14. a piece of salmon skin             34. a vial of pinkish-taupe dye
  15. a piece of smooth shark skin       35. a vial of pale champagne dye
  16. a knotted hemp cord                36. a vial of pastel melon dye
  17. some knitted silk webs             37. a vial of rosy coral dye
  18. a wedge of bone white chalk        38. a vial of dark teal dye
  19. a block of driftwood               39. a vial of metallic gold dye
  20. a block of rosewood

  Backroom Catalog