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Cosmetics are items that change a character's features either temporarily or permanently. Examples include:

a sleek carmine glass bottle She has a sleek glassy carmine glaze brushed onto her lengthy fingernails.
a pearl-flecked opaline blue bottle She has a pearl-flecked opaline blue gloss brushed onto her faintly rounded fingernails.
a lustrous salorisa pink bottle She has lustrous salorisa pink lacquer brushed onto her oval-shaped fingernails.
a gleaming dark indigo bottle She has gleaming dark indigo polish brushed onto her neatly squared fingernails.
an ecru-striped pale lavender bottle She has ecru-striped pale lavender lacquer brushed onto her delicately rounded fingernails.
an ebon-marbled kelyn green bottle She has ebon-marbled kelyn green lacquer brushed onto her smooth oval fingernails.
a shimmering deep russet bottle She has a shimmering deep russet glaze brushed onto her well-manicured fingernails.
a pointed black crystalline bottle She has crystal-tipped matte black polish brushed onto her lightly pointed fingernails.
an ivy-wrapped orange glass bottle She has a burnished pumpkin orange glaze brushed onto her manicured fingernails.
a gold-sheened apple red bottle She has gold-sheened apple red lacquer brushed onto her smoothly filed fingernails.