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(Nowhere in documentation does it say that RT doesn't stack. Please wait for a GM answer.)
(Deleted. If you can't accept what I have to say on a subject you are ignorant about, then write it up in your own ignorant way rather than putting erroneous material into my text.)
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The '''creature action timer''' is a set value on a creature that determines how often it acts (attacks, [[prepare]]s a spell, [[cast]]s a spell, etc.). A few actions use multiples of the action time ([[MSTRIKE]] takes double, PREPARE and CAST take half each on many creatures). [[Haste]] halves the creature action timer. A creature with an action timer of 12s or more would normally be considered slow, and 6s or less would normally be considered fast. [[Basic Creature Script]] (BCS) creatures change action time, with the highest level version of the creature being 2s faster than the standard creature, and the lowest 2s slower. [[Adventurer's Guild]] dangerous creatures can drop an additional 2s from their action time.
Creatures can have [[roundtime]] imposed upon them. Roundtime from different actions does not stack on creatures (?), but roundtime does stack on action time.
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