Crenzen's Country Crafts

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Crenzen's Country Crafts is a Premium Home Furniture shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located two north of the main entrance to the Teras premium furniture emporium. (RNUM: 12431)

[Crenzen's Country Crafts] RNUM: 12431
A fine dust floats up from Crenzen's workbench and drifts around his shop on a breath of breeze, before settling softly upon the simple yet elegant wooden beds he crafts here on the premises. The woodworker's love for nature's bounty, and his respect for the natural beauty of wood, make his wares a joy to behold. You also see Crenzen and a painted sign.


      Price  Item
1.)   30000  a plain pine box bed
2.)   30000  a plain oak box bed
3.)   30000  a plain haon box bed
4.)   30000  a plain cedar box bed
5.)   30000  a plain walnut box bed
6.)   30000  a plain maoral box bed
7.)   30000  a plain thanot box bed
8.)   50000  a hand-carved leaf motif bed
9.)   50000  a hand-carved animal motif bed
10.)  50000  a hand-carved flower motif bed
11.)  50000  a hand-carved herb motif bed
12.)  70000  a carved knotty pine sleighbed
13.)  70000  a carved bleached pine sleighbed
14.)  70000  a golden sanded oak sleighbed
15.)  70000  a pale scrubbed fel sleighbed
16.)  70000  a whitewashed pine sleighbed
17.)  70000  a whitewashed beech sleighbed
18.)  70000  a light stripped fir sleighbed