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Crystal amulets are common magical items found on creatures in GemStone IV. These items, when worn and rubbed allow a player to access a realm-wide thought net, where they can transmit their thoughts to communicate with other players in the same realm by means of the THINK verb.


New "ESP" controls have been implemented for crystal amulets. Pull, turn, and touch have been replaced with General, Merchant, Guild, and individually named channels. Players must now THINK on specific channels or thoughts will be sent to the default. It is possible for players to set their default channel. See ESP for details.

House channels are also available to CHE House members. Unlike other channels these are not realm-specific, but game-wide. They are exclusive to each House. (Therefore, for example, a member of House Brigatta can exchange thoughts with other Brigatta members, regardless of location, but these thoughts would be undetectable to members of House Sylvanfair, etc.) When used, these channels are identified with the name of the CHE House.



Removes player from the thought channels.

You sense that your attunement to the minds of others has ceased.


Gives player a feel for how much time remains before the effects of the amulet stops.

As you touch your amulet, you get the sensation you have a lot of time remaining before the presence of others fade from your thoughts.

Obsolete Verbs


Allows the player to access the black or subdued thought channel. This channel is commonly used for the purposes of merchanting in Wehnimer's Landing.


Allows the player to access the white or muted thought channel. This channel is largely unused.


Allows the player to access the grey or faint thought channel. This is the default channel for the thought net, and is generally used for casual communication. Merchanting on the grey channel is generally frowned upon in most towns.

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