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Through rare merchants, raffles, and special events, the Floating Disk (511) spell can now be customized. Any character, wizard or not, will be able to have a customized disk. Wizards must use INCANT to access their custom disk. Open casting or using gems will still grant elemental-based and gem-customized disks for wizards. Non-wizards must use imbeds or black crystals, as any source that requires using 'cast' will default to the non-customized version of the spell. Having the Floating Disk spell cast on you will also result in the customized disk being created.

There are several premade options available, and depending on the release method, the player may be allowed to submit their own customization. If the player does submit their own idea, it will be considered a delayed service, as it will have to go through the QC process.

Premade Options

Name Short Description LOOK Description
Diamond-crusted the diamond-crusted <player> disk Lavishly appointed in gold and crusted with finely cut diamonds, the disk is beyond extravagant.
Crocheted with roses the crocheted doily-draped <player> disk Crocheted doilies drape the lid of the disk, each handwoven circle dotted with pink silk roses.
Silver and onyx the hammered silver <player> disk A series of onyx cabochons have been set along the rim of the disk.
Bronze and malachite the hammered bronze <player> disk A series of malachite cabochons have been set along the rim of the disk.
Gold and crimson blazestar the hammered gold <player> disk A series of crimson blazestar cabochons twinkle along the rim of the disk.
Silver with deathstones the blackened silver <player> disk Blackened purposefully, the silver of the disk offer only hints of its true color in the prongs of the settings holding faceted deathstones in place.
Obsidian-eyed skull the skull-shaped <player> disk Contrasting blackened hollows with gleaming polished curves, the skull is wrought of pale silver and faceted obsidian eyes.
Vaalin and opals the opal-strewn vaalin <player> disk A delicate tracery of filigree wends its way about each delicate opal.
Blueberry Tart the tart-shaped <player> disk Crafted of a warm bronze metal, the tart looks freshly baked with sapphire blueberries peaking beneath its lattice lid.
Emerald Drake the drake-incised <player> disk Overlapping square-cut scales of brilliant green emeralds trace the curving sinuous shape of the curled drake emblazoned on the disk's lid.
Lapis beaded lace the ivory lace-draped <player> disk Delicate silk lace drapes elegantly over the lid of the disk, its trailing fringe weighted down with tiny lapis beads.